So my question is quite simple. Can a society grow and prosper without a currency? Does human greed overtake people's desires?

I myself just have so many mixed feelings on this issue.

I want to hear your thoughts.

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I think that a small community , such as a tribe or a remote village somewhere could do it.  If you are asking if a large country such as Russia or China or United States could do it , I just don't see how it would ever be possible.  


The only thing i could imagine is in the future , if the most highly designed robots could perform every possible task conceived and send them to work to Farm , to Build infrastructure, etc.  Then the government could just say 'Ok , whatever you want , just type it into google and a robot will make it and deliver it to you' 


This is taking into account that resources are not perishable ... or new materials will be engineered in the future.  Does this make any sense?  Or am I rambling.... 

No, I like where you are going with this. Expand on it.

Wouldn't the best thing to do is to attempt to find objections that would cause it to not make sense? 


My main idea is that if supply is not part of the equation ... such as unlimited supply based off machine / robot technology that could perform every possible task human beings currently perform , then supply will become near infinite and demand will become a non issue.  


But then the question is how big will the government allow everyones house to be and who get's to claim an amusement park in their own personal backyard, etc? 


And what would happen to the performing arts?  I suppose if a concert pianist or a magician , etc wanted to be great they could still pursue their dream of being the best because they want it ... not because they think being famous will get them money.  


Athletes would diminish as well I would think.  If everyone is able to just sit around and watch their favorite movies on a 20 foot plasma or eat the highest quality steak with the most delicious wine all day long ... or hire personal sex robots to satisfy you like those little robot dolls in Austin Powers.  I think the ideas would be endless.  


As long as the robots couldn't 'feel' ... because then that could be argued as enslavement of conscious creatures?

Check out this site.

The Venus Project is pretty close to what you are describing.

I think currency is going to be a necessity for any significant civilization based on specialization of labour.  Currency, in my opinion, is not the problem.  Fractional reserve banking is problematic, as well as public trading in equities.  Both of those things have been integral to the growth of western economies but they are also turning out to be our downfall.


Essentially I see nothing wrong with profiting from your labours, including intellectual labours.  The overall power structure really only becomes unbalanced when people shift to profiting off of previously accumulated wealth, which should actually deplete in the absence of labour rather than grow.

Pretty much what I was thinking too.

Star Trek!

How does it work in the ST universe? I have never kept up with ST enough to know :(

From what I understand about Star Trek (I'm certainly not an expert by far) but in the Federation people are no longer driven by a need for money but are driven to better themselves and the rest of society. Plus it also helps to have a replicator machine that can recycle and somehow create desired/needed objects such as a cup of coffee.... if I had a replicator machine money wouldn't be very important either... dial up a new pair of pants yes!

Star Trek moneyless system:


Glad I wasn't completely off base.

The advantage of currency is that it facilitates transactions where the buyer wants what the seller is selling but doesn't have anything the seller wants in trade. I don't see easing trade a matter of greed but of convenience.


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