Is that a bit cheeky? Or totally unacceptable?

The guy kind of defecates on his dinner, and then eats it all up?

Just a thought...

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To Mark Martin,

I'm appalled at your intolerance.  You evidently have never been a teacher in America and have no clue how difficult it is to find a job at a school, religious or otherwise.  When the only position available is at a Catholic School and you have rent to pay, you take the bloody job.  Get off your high horse and live in the real world. 

Being "Atheist" does not mean discriminating against religions and their practices, it means simply not believing in or following them oneself.

Grow the Hell up.

dear Lyra, enlighten us, what does 'grow the Hell up mean? lol


Well, in your case, "Grow the Hell up" appears to mean that maybe you should respond to the much more meaningful parts of my post, instead of the meaningless ones like "Grow the Hell up".  Why didn't you respond to the part about not discriminating against religious schools like they discriminate against us?  Respond to the concept of not stooping to their level.  Respond to the part about which is more important, complaining about prayers at your job, or being able to buy food and have hot water.

It would seem that you didn't respond to my true points here because you HAVE no responses to them.  All you could do is get ticked about the part that was aimed at ticking you off, therefore I have succeeded.  It's an emotional response to a logical argument and that just doesn't cut it.

oops! talk about emotional... i did not respond to the so called ' meaningful parts' of your post, because... I did not notice any 'meaningful' parts in it.

sorry to disappoint you.

now, let's just say that Yes, you have 'succeeded', in ... whatever... you were trying to achieve.

 I could of course ask you what you mean by 'succeeded', but methinks I will leave it at that.


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