I found this on a web site and thought you guys would find it interesting. Also could you explain how this works in the context of gradualist evolution.

"The punctuated reality of the fossil record is best exemplified by the "Cambrian explosion." Virtually every animal phyla (including chordates and many phyla now extinct) appeared during the short geological moment called the Cambrian explosion (13). This period of time is now known to have covered a period of time of less than 10 million years (1415). The diversity of life and the variety of body designs has led Stephen Jay Gould to make the following statement:"


"We have reason to think that all major anatomical designs may have made their appearance at that time."16

Dr. Stephen Jay Gould

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I still don't understand how you can swallow this garbage. You don't buy into the fact of human evolution, of all the different hominid skeletons we've found so far, but you swallow some fairy tale of your precious sky daddy being so angry that he flooded the whole planet just to kill his "mistakes" and that humans were poofed onto this world from a handful of dust and that everybody on this planet are all related to one family?

Oh yeah. And you still worship this asshole god who saw fit that everybody, men, women, and children alike, deserved to drown.

You just make no sense whatsoever.
And even after killing off all the ones who 'deserved' it..... the ones he saved STILL CARRY THE GENE OF ORIGINAL SIN to pass down through the generations.

I mean.. c'mon?..
Two of the main ID proponents Michael Behe and Michael Denton accept common descent....which includes the evolution of humans.. Their only difference is that they believe it is directed or 'designed' into the system. Read Behe's The edge of evolution and Dentons Natures Destiny.
I haven't posted anything on TA yet but I feel that after having read through all nine pages of this thread, I am ready.

I find my self impressed by the way Nelson, Doone, and Gaytor (and many others!) have consistently been giving excellent information, links, and examples to your inane questions and (even more inane) retorts.
How can you take your self seriously, David? So far all you have done is continuously repeat your self. Even in light of very laid-out, practically hand fed information?

Honestly, David..go find out for yourself, don't just rely on what was probably indoctrinated into you from an early age. There's a wealth of outstanding information just waiting for you to read! I mean actually read. Don't just skim over it and then proceed straight to the mandatory xtian god>science website or whatever it is you seem to favor. At least other people are kind enough to find multiple sources for you.

As for Radu Andreiu, America needs more people like you xD
Why do you ask questions that you don't want the answer to? You are a creationist. If you believe in a literal Bible, you are a lost cause, no amount of evidence can persuade you of the truth. The consensus has been here for nearly 100 years among scientists. Darwin was right, the end. It is only the ignorant masses who continue to deny. Much the same as many Muslims continue to deny the Holocaust, and there are those that deny the moon landing. It's a consensus, these things happened. Macro Evolution [ the evolution of species to other species] has happened, and still is.
You can't win an argument like this. The evidence for evolution is so strong that you are already trying to dig your way out of a Mt. Everest of research, books, journals, fossils, photographs, and diagrams.

As I said, having dealt with creationists before... I do not think I can reach you. Most creationists have heads as thick as a steel drum, but I will try anyway.
Many of your questions can be answered on this site, for starters.
[But don't just look at one site, pick up some books about evolution that were written by the scientists who study it.]

A book I would Highly Recommend for you:
Evolution for Everyone -David Sloan Wilson
It really is too bad nobody has written a book called Debunking Creationists For Dummies.
There is the Counter Creationism Handbook. But, it is essentially Talk Origins in paper form.
Wrong, Mario, there is a book for dummies that that makes fools of creationists: their bible.
Cognitive dissonance is fun. That said, I think that David is actually a bright kid who will probably go far if he can learn to use his brain for genuine inquiry about the universe instead of fabricating increasingly complicated explanations to accommodate an ancient text. The problem lies in attempting to construct evidence for pre-existing conclusions; life can only be truly understood by reversing the process.


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