I found this on a web site and thought you guys would find it interesting. Also could you explain how this works in the context of gradualist evolution.

"The punctuated reality of the fossil record is best exemplified by the "Cambrian explosion." Virtually every animal phyla (including chordates and many phyla now extinct) appeared during the short geological moment called the Cambrian explosion (13). This period of time is now known to have covered a period of time of less than 10 million years (1415). The diversity of life and the variety of body designs has led Stephen Jay Gould to make the following statement:"


"We have reason to think that all major anatomical designs may have made their appearance at that time."16

Dr. Stephen Jay Gould

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I thought about writing this as a new discussion, but I decided against it. You are here and have an interesting idea that I'd like to explore if you have the energy.

So you buy Evolution and Old Earth. Then what is the purpose of Adam and Eve? The website that you've cited lays out modern humans as beginning about 100,000 years ago. By this point we had humans all over Africa, Asia and Europe. So what is the point of creating Adam? What genetic code change is so important to say that this is the first man? Why create a woman when women already exist? Why was Adam in need of God to create someone if others existed for him and he just had to go and be social? It leads to many practicality questions as well such as how did the first humans keep the other humans out of Eden?

You seem to have a literalist foundation to your beliefs. So what do you do with the flood? Jonah? The list would go on, but you get the gist of where I'm going I'm sure.

I'm just curious because I do have to say it's fairly unique and you won't believe this, but I've engaged a few people on the topic before. Teach me what you believe. Busy evening planned so I might be slow to respond, but I am interested.
I dont buy the evolution of humans, The flood killed everyone but did not ecompass the whole of the earth just the habited earth according to the text and Jonah actually happened by God's power
So it's more of the classic animals, plants, etc evolved but not humans because we were formed in his image if I understand your position?

And ERV's and the Telomeric Fusion of Chromosome #2, and Mitochondrial DNA that establish our relationship to apes and so forth will have a different explanation later? Vestigial Appendages such as the Appendix, coccyx tails, etc were placed there why, if we didn't evolve?
//So it's more of the classic animals, plants, etc evolved but not humans because we were formed in his image if I understand your position?//
something like that except I only see evolution as a possibility for some similar species but not from bacteria to elephant.
Oh this is rich. Somebody who believes in evolution and creationism at the same time.

Wow. You're just. . .wow.
"I dont buy the evolution of humans" and "I only see evolution as a possibility for some similar species"

So here are the questions that raises for me.

1.) How do you explain the fossil Record? You would have to assume that there are hundred of steps of gradual change of independent species. If that were the case, why do we find them sequentially? Why can scientists predict the locations of skeletons through geology and the geologic column?

2.) So back to the vestigial appendages, why would they be there? If we were created there wouldn't be any need for us to have a appendix, or wisdom teeth. However, if they were used when we were formed differently, it makes sense as to why it's there.

3.) Remnant DNA. Why is it that there are remnant DNA that can be switched on and off that corresponds with what the fossil record says our history is? Let's take Chickens for example. Why is it that chickens have DNA for teeth? If you were to buy that birds come from Dinosaurs, then it makes sense. It makes no sense for a God to put sharp teeth DNA into a animal that isn't a carnivore.

4.) Again, the diversity of the Oceanic Islands versus the Continental Islands. On Continental Islands you find large Mammals. As the Island broke away they may have had mammals there, but none made it to say Hawaii. However, birds and reptiles did due to size, mobility, or being cold blooded could make the journey. When they got there, they changed and became unique. Would Evolution account for this change in creatures, or was it their creation after the Island was "born"? Likewise, why do we have animals in the same geographical type in differnt parts ot the world appearing differently? ie No Lions in Australia, no Kangaroos in Africa.

5.) How do you account for stone tools being used a half million years ago? How many animals create stone tools? So if we find old stone tools prior to the 100,000 year line your site worked out, doesn't it stand to reason that the cognitive ability of these creatures was that above your average animal?

I just don't understand why someone in your position seeks science in so many places and uses the process to explain and support your belief structure, but then rejects the same process where it disagrees. It just isn't consistent ground that you are standing on. Take the acceptance of the mechanics of evolution, but not evolution as a whole. Do you think that germs are the mechanism for sickness but not the cause? I can't think of an example of where I only take parts of a scientific theory. And that's my small Matzah Ball to throw out on evolution
Well Notify the scientific community. David is right and they and all their millions and millions of hours of research are wrong.

Seriously.. How much cash do you make out of spouting these lies?
I still don't understand how you can swallow this garbage. You don't buy into the fact of human evolution, of all the different hominid skeletons we've found so far, but you swallow some fairy tale of your precious sky daddy being so angry that he flooded the whole planet just to kill his "mistakes" and that humans were poofed onto this world from a handful of dust and that everybody on this planet are all related to one family?

Oh yeah. And you still worship this asshole god who saw fit that everybody, men, women, and children alike, deserved to drown.

You just make no sense whatsoever.
And even after killing off all the ones who 'deserved' it..... the ones he saved STILL CARRY THE GENE OF ORIGINAL SIN to pass down through the generations.

I mean.. c'mon?..
Two of the main ID proponents Michael Behe and Michael Denton accept common descent....which includes the evolution of humans.. Their only difference is that they believe it is directed or 'designed' into the system. Read Behe's The edge of evolution and Dentons Natures Destiny.
I haven't posted anything on TA yet but I feel that after having read through all nine pages of this thread, I am ready.

I find my self impressed by the way Nelson, Doone, and Gaytor (and many others!) have consistently been giving excellent information, links, and examples to your inane questions and (even more inane) retorts.
How can you take your self seriously, David? So far all you have done is continuously repeat your self. Even in light of very laid-out, practically hand fed information?

Honestly, David..go find out for yourself, don't just rely on what was probably indoctrinated into you from an early age. There's a wealth of outstanding information just waiting for you to read! I mean actually read. Don't just skim over it and then proceed straight to the mandatory xtian god>science website or whatever it is you seem to favor. At least other people are kind enough to find multiple sources for you.

As for Radu Andreiu, America needs more people like you xD


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