How did Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes become a symbol of christian values? Bill Waterson was possibly and atheist and most certainly an agnostic, same with the character of Calvin. How did christian salesman sell this character as a christian, and why?

Here are the images in question, clearly meant to be Calvin.

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Just Christians being con artists.  Nothing new to see here.

This was one of the reasons Waterson chose not to market Calvin & Hobbes. He didn't want to lose editorial control over his creation, and if he'd signed off on commercial use of his characters, He'd see his creations peddling and endorsing everything from Big Macs to waffle irons. Someone would put a million dollar check in his hand and ask him to gut his personal integrity with the other hand. He chose not to do it. 

Of course the end result was it was done w/o his permission, and some ppl made money illegally off unlicensed use of his characters. He didn't make a penny off any of the licensing. If you see a Tshirt or a bumper sticker with Calvin & Hobbes on it, it was without Waterson's blessing, but in the end, who loses out on that? Him? Us? 

I would like to have seen Calvin & Hobbes the movie, even if it woulda been to make fun of it. 

I think this just proof of what WE all already know. Most Christians are just really dense or they live their lives with their heads in the sand.

I really, really, really miss Calvin and Hobbes so very much.  They were awesome!

Some Christians being lying sacks of iguanasqueeze.

But of course I am only repeating what Frink said.

Bill Waterson was possibly and atheist and most certainly an agnostic, same with the character of Calvin.

It seems that he didn't have a religious upbringing, going by his answer to a fan here: (fourth question down, by Suzanne Kaufmann, Charlottesville, VA) Apparently she didn't pick up on those strips...

Looking back, I realize that reading Calvin and Hobbes deeply influenced my intellectual development (not specifically atheism, but questioning authority that led to this among other things). For better or worse, Calvin partly reflects who I am-the individual with an inner life that seems greater than his outer, in seeming constant rebellion against convention and powers above him. At least that's my take.

Bill Waterson specifically never licensed his images to be used in anything but the printed comics. Every decal of Calvin praying, or pissing on a Ford logo is copyright infringement. Yes, the Xians are stealing when they buy these decals.

Following Watersons creations was the only time in my life you could refer to me as a Calvinist

I think he finaly became one!


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