I'm wondering something. Is it a term of endearment or is it normal if a man calls me (30's female) "kiddo?".....

My Dad used to call me kiddo when I was a little girl so it's just weird. I'm trying to figure out this whole gender in the workplace thing. I need professional male opinions here. Thanks!!

PS this is a business relationship I'm talking about

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Lol!! No Noel it doesn't bother me in the slightest....not at all. And it doesn't bother me with my boss/mentor either. I'm just trying to understand my relationship with him and put it in proper perspective....you know? Honestly I have had very few "normal" relationships with men and I don't understand what normal really looks like. And I'm still suspicious of him - always waiting for the other shoe to drop you know?

Listen up here Kiddo...  ;)

Ignore it.

Words have different meanings for everyone who uses them, Men and Women both.

But for me as a manager I would be concerned about the usage of such familiar type of verbiage in a business setting. 


See that's what I'm saying..... maybe I should not look too much into it,... but he is my business mentor.....I don't know
I should add that on one occasion he messaged me, "Gracias Mija.".....which is SUPER confusing because that can mean a LOT of things depending on the context- everything from daughter to lover....
You know, you're just so damned likable, and he's probably just trying to show off.

Let me do a calculation in my head... yes, from what little I've heard about him so far, I'd guesstimate there's only a ten percent probability that he's a predator. Well, add five percent if he's a salesman. Have lunch with him, but don't fall for him, yet.

So... what kind of car does he drive, and does he like dogs or cats?

(Haha, I'm most serious in my first paragraph, if you're wondering where I'm kidding, Kiddo!)

My 2 bestie does this to me..And  both are younger than me. I have asked them why.One says he means zero disrespect the other says he see's me as a sister type. Because I am much more younger spirit, never married etc etc..they keep forgetting I am older.

Does HD remember your name? I have defaulted to man, pal... When I couldn't recall a name.  My male pyche would be OK with a coworker asking me to use he4 name, as in " Mark I prefer if you called me Belle, OK?  Good luck 

It's patronizing - depends on how you see your relationship with this bloke as to whether it's a problem for you. Kiddo hardly indicates a sexual motive, so I'd be amazed if it were that kind of overture :)

In all relationships, you get to decide your own name.

My name is Andrew and I do not respond to Andy. I correct anyone using the abbreviation so no one calls me Andy.


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