I was driving back from my weekly church gig where I play piano for baby Jesus, when a commercial came on the radio ...


"Our Psychics are trained professional that pass rigorous tests and examinations such as cold reading , card readings ... "

"Our Psychics specialize in Love relationships , financial decisions , and other important life issues ... "

"Only two out of every hundred applicants are accepted into our rigorous program in order to select the very best and professional Psychics ... "

"Let's face it.  There are many frauds out there who get it all wrong.  Call now today or visit our website to ensure you are matched up with the Psychic that is meant for you ... "


Just a few (paraphrased) points from the commercial I was forced to listen too.  


Here is the website.  




Anyone else think this sort of thing should be absolutely illegal?  How many hopeless people are going to shuck away money only to receive possibly bad advice? 


And what the hell does specializing in the of style of compassion or inspiration EVEN MEAN!!!!!! (see website for details.)  


All I can say is even though the religious service I attend weekly leaves a sour taste in my mouth , this commercial made the church service I came from seem somewhat rational.  





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I want to comment on this, but I am finding it difficult because anything I say will offend the vulnerable, gullible and just plain silly. So I will say nothing. But I think I would be changing radio stations!

I was very surprised as it was on on of the most popular radio stations in Maryland!  


Apparently if they have the money to advertise across country on a popular station , they must be getting some calls!


Or maybe they actually are real!  LOL. 

*laugh* They outright ADMIT that they use cold reading? I'd love to see the nature of their 'high standards'. With so many 'high quality' psychics, surely they'd have no trouble winning the James Randi Challenge and then would not only have a million dollars to use to expand their business, but could put 'Verified by James Randi as true!' on their ads.


I can almost guess that once the payment is received , a computer system traces that information to an address ... as one testimonial states something about pin pointing details about their life that no psychic could ever do unless it's real.  


It is pre pay ... there is a reason for that.  I think the 'high standards' are the 'psychics' that can keep a caller on the phone for the longest time ... through their sheer psychic abilities.   

Wow, I missed that!  Good find !! 




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