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Basically one person asks how heaven can still be heaven if they know a loved one is being tortured for all eternity. (No joke, eh?)
Another person answers that when you go to heaven, you'll be enlightened. Sorta like god, but not quite as good. Once you're enlightened, you'll get the emotional maturity that comes with it, so the suffering of others doesn't bother you!
Someone else disagrees, and the conversation turns into a weird blog fight of which you obviously must have been following at an earlier date. Either way, it's good for a cheap laugh!

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Oh! Another fun one... Can you sin in Heaven?
Well, Lucifer sure did (though the story they quote there is just a story, not really documented in the Bible at all.)
What about Adam and Eve? They were in a perfect, sinless environment, but still managed to screw things up!
As usual, these interesting questions get nowhere. Probably because those on the forum have the mentality that you can read too much. " Maybe sometimes we just read too much! Then we get off into territories that make us crazy, well at least some things make ME crazy, not you!"
Is here free will in heaven? Another good one.

All the suffering on planet Earth is because of free will - God gives us choices, but the side effect is an imperfect world.

So does this mean in a perfect heaven, there's no free will? If we do have free will there, either heaven is less than perfect or suffering on Earth has nothing to do with free will afterall.


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