Butchering little girls genitals is finally taken seriously in the UK


I suspect that the UK has been far less serious about this than France or Belgium because the UK (along with Ireland) is the most religion friendly government in rich Europe.

People who butcher their children's genitals (or do nothing to stop it) should never see their children again.

What exactly is a suitable punishment for those who chop off their daughters clitoris and sew up their vagina?

What should happen to the family member who stood by and did/said nothing?

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You are on the money. "We" have been blind. We also need to address the problem of male genital mutilation , which is a worldwide problem. I'm talking about circumcision. Some religions and whole nations still do this. It is barbaric and should stop now. The reasons are pretty lame. From what I can gather, most circumcisions on very young babies is done without any kind of anaesthetic. As I said; barbaric, cruelty beyond belief. I know that I shall get it in the neck for this remark, but any philanthropic person should be appalled by circumcision and female gentital mutilation.

Hi guys, so again we are looking at cruelty dished out to please the sky gods & their demon pals etc. It is a very sad fact that this won't stop unless their sky god gives the sign in the clouds. The mental state of the sky god followers has the usual damage done to their brains by clever insidious  conditions imposed on the brain structure also backed up by the horror of the witches age old ghost trick, stolen from the witches under torture & used on the religious followers. What they didn't know is that the ghost trick has a built in pay back horror effect which we call PTSD. This is a very nasty surprise & there is no dodging it. So we are interacting with mental deviates wandering the streets talking & singing rubbish.!!!

Life in prison scrubbing toilets for life.

Whatever it is, it ought to be the same thing as what happens to those who mutilate the genitals of their male children. That said, FGM is an awful practice and cultural tradition is not a valid rationale to continue.

I worry that if we take all the children away from unfit parents, we won't have many parents left. Education including critical thinking skills is our most effective tool to bulwark ourselves against archaic mind-shackles.


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