Ok so I've only seen some things in passing about this situation and I can't really find just the basic facts without all this outside noise from either side.  What I'm getting about this is that this guy let his cattle graze on land that wasn't his and he stopped paying the fee.  They came in and held/killed his cattle for the money.  Wtf am I missing here.  

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so after 20 years of unlawful grazing he finally had to pay the piper...

The Bundy's are affiliated with antiAmerican militaristic groups. These groups are connected to Glenn Miller, the shooter in Kansas City Jewish Center as well as Tim McVeigh, the OK City bomber.

These groups, in addition to white supremacy, they deny any federal government authority. Seems odd when Bundy rides around waving the US flag.

The US gov has had numerous fatal run ins with these groups. Ruby Ridge, ID was one. Bundy had militias respond and they threatened to put women between federal agents and militia in hopes that federal agents would be forced to fire on "their women". Great guys.

Glenn Beck, owns land and leases it out for grazing. Unlike Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck expects to get his money and is not backing Bundy.

Ruby Ridge changed the playing field & future policy for the federal agents after a sniper shot Vicki Weaver holding a baby in her arms. The out of court settlement awarded the Weaver family millions and Weaver was found innocent of the initial charges alleged against him. 

I often wondered if that sniper ever had any restless nights after "doing his job."

Other cattlemen in the area utilize government properties to give their cattle sufficient areas to forage. They also pay the required fee. If you cannot support cattle on your own property and are unwilling to pay the "use" tax as others do then either cut your herd size or go into a new line of work. The million dollars in back taxes is probably making Bundy feel a little overwhelmed. Whaaaa....

I see people that pushed the native indians off the land, then the Federal folks expecting to be 'paid' getting 'something for nothing', and a rancher expecting to get 'something for nothing'.

I quess 'entitlement', has yet another face.

Should we consider this as the final attempt to extract marginal utility? With the only people being 'injured', the 'indians'?

Well apparently his true true colors have now shown with recent racist remarks and his supporters are fleeing.  


Not entirely sure what the argument was for supporting him in the first place.

The 'get Obama at any cost' argument what else...

So did I read that right?  A group of armed people approached, and intimidated if not actually threatened, a representative of the federal government while he was carrying out his lawful duty of removing the cattle, and the feds backed down, negotiated with them, and gave the cattle back?  WTF?!  Where was the FBI, the National Guard, the freaking US Army?

If you don't like the grazing fees, you work within the system to have them changed, or you don't graze on that land.  You don't thumb your nose at the law, suck off the public coffers for 20 years, and pull out guns because your free ride is over. 

It's no surprise this guy became the poster child for the Tea Partiers or that they don't recognize the hypocrisy of supporting this guy leeching off society while railing against food stamps and welfare because a few people abuse those programs.  Tea Partiers I've met don't usually think that deeply into things.

What you're missing is that he called in his gun-toting friends to hold off the feds who wanted to confiscate his cattle for the past-due fees, now something close to $1 million.  Apparently Mr. Bundy believes the federal government does not legitimately own the land on which his cattle had been grazing, and perhaps is not really anything that matters to him at all.  His rather crackpot theories are one thing, but when he started making openly racist comments, the whole thing blew up in his face.  Basically, he's a crabby old man who craves attention.  He got it.


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