I am an atheist however I have found much inspiration in the basic text of Buddhism and find it interesting that as a religion it is fairly well oriented as an atheistic belief system. I just wonder how many people look at Buddhism and feel the same

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fuck science, it is not our bible

Science doesn't have a bible. Unlike faith, everyone is encouraged to be skeptical of any kind of science, until they can decide for themselves what are the most reasonable assumptions, even if only temporarily.

[This message has been brought to you by Technology. Or the Vibrations Make Waves principle, or something like that.]

That's religious horseshit.

Science has a methodology that involves proof. Proof even a skeptic can see. You're going to tell us that in order to experience nirvana we'd have to give up our skepticism.

I will allow that Buddhism has some affinities with modern physics. Its view that reality is based on vibrations and harmonies has some correspondence with string theory, for example. But that's just part of the package.

Then there's the whole rebirth thing. Being reborn depending upon how one conducts this life, the best rebirth being the extinction of the individual soul and a merging with The One, whatever that is.

Neo is the one.

But who is the two?

Actually I prefer to think of harmonies and vibrations in terms of G strings which are much more useful if counter-intuitive.

For the record any similarities between vibrations and harmonies and string theory is purely coincidental, sort of like spin for particles. That Tao of Physics or whatever is pure BS.

Buddhism has a lot of good stuff to it. I'm particularly fond of the eightfold path.

On the other hand, the cosmology of it turns me off. The whole concept of essentially being reborn sometimes in different heaves or hells depending on what you did in life is just another form of wishing for cosmic justice.

The original Buddhism of Gautama simply had you being reborn here on Earth and not escaping the cycle of birth and death. The idea of being reborn into heavens and hells is a later accretion that belongs to particular sects which developed as Buddhism spread and blended with local religions. 

Anyway, Gautama's Buddhism wasn't primarily about rebirth. It was about happiness, which Gautama defined as the contentment that comes from eliminating craving from one's life. Once you accomplished that, you would escape birth and death.

Interestingly, the goal of Buddhism (and Hinduism) is different from the Christian goal of being sure of being reborn well. Rather, it is the goal of not being reborn at all and no longer having an individual existence. You merge with The One. This is roughly analogous to what an atheist believes. Your physical components are given back to the universe for recycling.

I've had my suspicions that these sorts of things were akin to cultural leakage, but I admit I know far too little about the cultural heritage of the eastern religions to make that distinction.

Another non evidence based , ancient superstition , from a time when primitive humans were attempting to create explanations for naturalistic phenomena without the benefit of science . Dogma is dogma . Religion is poison , no matter it's brand .

'atheistic belief system' -Brendan

 i thought atheism was predicated on a lack of belief......

i always wondered if there was any true merit to sitting practically naked on the floor of a monastery's cold room cloaked with a wet towel draped across my back trying to concentrate on something ethereal.  

I was also wondering WTF an atheist belief system was. 

Am I supposed to be attending meetings or something? 

From the structure of the sentence, it looks like Brendan was indicating that Buddhism is a belief system without a god, thus an "atheistic belief system".

Many people think of atheism as a "lack of belief" but it is defined as a lack of belief in any gods.

If reincarnation were true I would love to return as a ladies field hockey pitch on a wet sunday.

Respect of all without discrimination because of belief in something different than oneself is rather refreshing from a religion. Also that there is no set path for reaching nirvana other than some basic bits of knowledge by ancient minds who were said to have reached nirvana, is reached in a mental place. Also the stance of some Buddhists that if science disproves part of Buddhism than they must abandon that way of thinking. Of all the religions it is probably one of the most user friendly and less likely to make you grow up in hatred of yourself . This is some of the concepts I have read.


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