I am an atheist however I have found much inspiration in the basic text of Buddhism and find it interesting that as a religion it is fairly well oriented as an atheistic belief system. I just wonder how many people look at Buddhism and feel the same

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According to the research I've been doing, it's the same as the other religions but without a supernatural creator God.  They all follow the same pattern, but each emphasises something different. 

Buddhism is a science. Science of the soul.

Yoga too is a science of the soul.

Both are about the way to nirvana.

You can do it the secular route, or you can draw on religious inspiration for a fast track approach.

The key is ego surrender and it is easier to surrender your ego to a "higher power" than anything else.

First, you have to demonstrate that a 'soul' exists.

Buddhism practices anatta, or the idea that there is no soul. Unless you are using "soul" metaphorically, then no, it is not a "science of the soul."

The soul lives in the head.
That's why you should never pat a Thai child on the head. It is as offensive as touching her bottom.

Might be more cultural than religious, though.


"Buddhism is a science."

They must have change the meaning of the word 'science' while I wasn't looking.

.thWikipedia: .th is the Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Thailand.

Repeatable methodology. That is all.


Repeatable methodology. That is all.

You're reaching, any ol' methodology is not Science, the methodology of Yoga isn't Science, the methodology of Buddhism isn't Science, etc.

Science employes the Scientific Method, which is a specific "methodology".

diggerbanks, if you wish to be taken seriously then quit misusing the word "Science" to try and make different types of WooWoo sound credible.

No. Methodology that leads to repeatable results. NOT blame the student if they do not work. And the whole point is to tell the student to do impossible things so nothing ever works.

I must have missed an issue of Science. When did this soul thing get discovered?

Seriously, I am an atheist but fuck science, it is not our bible. Anyone who thinks science can provide all the answers is putting more faith than they should in it.

Regarding the science of the soul business, I should have stuck with yoga and not moved into buddhism. Yoga is the science of the soul, and if you follow its methodology, you will move up the stages towards moksha. I can vouch for yoga but not for buddhism because i know nothing about it.

Big problem: there's no such thing as a soul or a spirit world in which it exists.

Science is the only way to really understand the world, and while we don't understand everything (are there other universes or parallel dimensions? what caused this universe, if indeed the concept of causality applies at all?). 

Now, "yoga" is an ambiguous word. Most people probably think of it as some sort of exercise program, but I think most experts thinkg "yoga" comes from yuja or "yoke" (not "yolk"), which is that thing put around an ox's neck so it can pull a cart or plow. It means a burden one undertakes for the purpose of improving one's soul.

Back to the fundamental problem, though: no soul.


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