I'm fairly sure most (all) of us feel parent/child incest is wrong, and for fairly obvious reasons. 

However, if a brother and sister are very careful about pregnancy prevention or, better, one or both of them is unable to conceive, what would be wrong with it?

BTW, I'm NOT trying to decide whether to do it with my sister (LOL). This is just a question that came to mind while in a discussion with another person.

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It took me four really big breaths to read all of that.

It also works if you read it like a rap song.

If you actually know a 12 year old who's having sex with a grown up (you said "I know 12 year olds who are having sex, some with older men") when are you going to report this outrage to the police?

Very good point. If that really is what the person meant, when the original text was:

"...this guy its right kids are having sex at younger ages i know 12year old's who are have sex and same with older men and that fact but that not a subject or the subject of rape or sex slave the fact that things are going on like that in this world just j really piss me off if i ever met a men who do any like rape or sex with kids i would not be able to stop myself from killing..."

Mate, you need a job.

If lifeimagex1 can express himself no better than that, he/she deserves to be ignored.

I'm almost 100% certain English isn't his first language. I'm sure he's doing far better in our language then I could do in his.

Good point. I shouldn't judge. I know a couple well-educated, intelligent native English speakers who think that pushing the Shift key is too much effort to make themselves understood. That does piss me off.

But other languages have the concept of sentences and paragraphs. The mess perpetrated by lifeimagex1 strikes me not as someone struggling with grammar but simple laziness.

There I go judging again.

I agree. He's just taken some of the lazier writing habits of our youth when it comes to capitalization, punctuation, etc., to a new high (low?).

Nice, Josh!

lifeimagex1, now i feel ya

(But now I'm hoping the "12 year olds [...] with older men" part of the translation is incorrect.)


“I found this post through Google and had to join in this little talk."

What was he looking for in Google in the first place to come across this post?


my spidey senses are tingling.


"omg, I thought the same thing."

Its kind of like those men who end up in hospital with vacume cleaner hoses and other strange objects stuck up their ass, and the excuse is - 'Oh - it was an accident,  I fell on it'.  .. lol

Brings new meaning to: The Hello Kitty Dildo!! xD

WTF! Women are f***ing their cats?


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