I'm fairly sure most (all) of us feel parent/child incest is wrong, and for fairly obvious reasons. 

However, if a brother and sister are very careful about pregnancy prevention or, better, one or both of them is unable to conceive, what would be wrong with it?

BTW, I'm NOT trying to decide whether to do it with my sister (LOL). This is just a question that came to mind while in a discussion with another person.

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I thought the point of this forum was to provide a safe space for membets to express their opinions, however socially awry, without getting attacked for them. I call troll.

He is not a troll, just one with serious mental issues. I try to avoid any discussion with him like a plague.

How about answering me? We have heated discussions on controversial topics here without calling the poster a troll. If dealing with difficult issues is a problem, maybe this isn't the place for you or maybe you should just lurk or avoid anything that makes you uncomfortable.

Well can you blame her? Your deliberate devil's advocate role play is very trolllish

But there's a difference between a devil's advocate and a troll. The devil's advocate is challenging people to think clearly, the troll is just there to f*ck with people. It may feel the same but that feeling isn't definitive.

I think you do well being the devil's advocate! 

If the devil existed and had trophies, I'd recommend the first two for you. You are good at what you do.

If you fuck with people that don't get the game, and don't seem to want to play, that's not Devils Advocate, that's being a world class asshole...  And a troll..  Learn the difference..

If you want to induce those that aren't likely to play..  You need to use a far different tact.  Else you're just a moron or socially inept.  I don't think you're a moron, and you show awareness of social norms, so, I'm not sure what to think...

You are not achieving your stated goals, so you are obviously doing something wrong.  Think about it, and fix it...

Or get bent.   I don't really care.. 

Your opinion is noted. But as an opinion, it is JUST an opinion, and as you can see, not universally held. Not to read my posts is an option you have, just like everyone else. It seems enough people do enjoy my posts (or are obsessed with them) to justify my going on. 

So, henceforth perhaps I won't be reading your replies, because their will be none.

We'll see if you can stay away.

I call trollish BS here.  It may not be intentional...  You get controversial, and aggressive about it, yes, perhaps it is in pursuit of a good debate...  But, when folks opt out, or don't like your style, if you attack them about it, that's being trollish.  If they opt out, let them....

I enjoy a good debate, but if you heckle folks who don't get the game, I'll opt out, too.  If your goal is to be a dick, I'm not in,  If your goal is debate, then engage those that want to play, and respect those that don't...

That analogy works well when just considering one-way conversations.

However, the point is valid, that if you think the guy is a troll, don't hang around just to keep feeding him. Or her. Or it. Unless maybe it's poisoned?

But trolls are also immune to all kinds of poisons, practically by definition.

I don't know. I'm confusing myself now, even. There must be a good cliche for this conundrum.

I left T.A. for that very same reason. This site is not a good site to just socialize.

Even the most friendly and benign posts will be treated in a seemingly hostile and negative fashion.

Especially if you lack the required education to engage, you will be made to feel ignorant and small.

I am all for starting a new site for the specific purpose of socializing with other atheist in a friendly and positive manner.

If we can get enough folks together I say we leave.


M.M I think you vilify the people and the site for no reason whatsoever. In my interactions with people on the site, they are many times very friendly even when they differ. How is your participation? Maybe you are projecting your own fears on everyone else or what did you expect of people on the site?

Nobody is going to pick up a fight with you for being nice, I can't say have seen anyone do that. In a topic where I think I have less of a contribution to make I don't though I may read it from time to time just to learn something new.

As for friends, I have made friends with very wonderful people on the site. They really are nice and maybe all you need to do is change your attitude to how you relate with people here and you may just be shocked at the results.


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