BREAKING: Atheist Slaughters Three of Muslim Family in Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Chapel Hill shooting: Craig Stephen Hicks condemned all religions o...

I was glad to read that Richard Dawkins has already been quoted as condemning the attack, but we should note that he is among a number of prominent atheist writers and speakers who have been spreading Islamaphobia in our community. See the analysis of that in this piece on Salon via Alternet, Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris and atheists’ ugly Islamophobia.

Dawkins specifically let himself be swept along in this after the Hebdo and market attacks in Paris (see Richard Dawkins goes on anti-Islam rant: Blames Charlie Hebdo massa... also on Salon), noting that "No, all religions are NOT equally violent." He conveniently ignores that, for example, one could also draw the same conclusions about gender. No, all genders are NOT equally violent but we'll hardly find Dawkins speaking out against men with as much fervor and smug disgust. Nor would we find such a blanket position at all useful for countering violence.

Read this case. Ask yourself whether you want your atheism to be a fight _against_ religion or a fight _for_ reason. We can't continue to give hatemongering ground to grow into the kind of murderous violence that Craig Stephen Hicks just dished out on three innocent people. 

By the way, one of the victims, Deah Barakat, was a dental student at the University of North Carolina. He was in the middle of raising funds for a dental care project for refugees of the Syrian civil war. Look at him in the video, calling for charity, care, and support of our fellow human beings. We can AND MUST support acts of generous humanity (whether rooted in the religious or the secular).

Donations in honor of peace, justice, and charity can be made to his project here:

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Random murder is terrible regardless of the circumstances. This is horrible.

1. Atheism isn't about anything. It is not about fighting religion. That is anti-theism, secularism and perhaps humanism and the ethos of "new atheism". Atheism is not about  pushing for people to use reason more (that is secular humanism, scientism, rationalism). Atheism is denying the claim that god exists. People who are atheists fall into all sorts of sub groups (and into absolutely no subgroup as well) ranging from anti-religious to utterly indifferent. The only thing that makes you an atheist is denying that god exists. Doing anything more makes you something else (either part of a sub-group or an individual with an idiosyncratic world view).

2. Islam is one of the most violent religions both in elements of it's doctrine and in the frequency of violent acts in the name of religion and in the severity of those acts (as well as the amount of innocent victims). Saying this is not the same as being anti-islamic. There is a difference.

3. Men are more violent than women in certain ways, especially in the developing world, Islam is a more violent religion than say Jainism and school boys are certainly more physically violent than most school girls. One can point out one of these facts without having to point out the others. One could give an extremely long list of groups which are more violent than the other. What you are doing here is using the "other crap is done by other people too" fallacy. Dawkins doesn't conveniently ignore anything when he speaks about religious violence but not gender violence...he is focusing on one topic.

Atheism vs. anti-theism is going to be viewed by many as splitting a very fine hair. How can you be atheist without also being anti-theist is the question, as well as how common is such a creature?

Well of course! Why do you think women park so badly? allegedly because men have been telling them for years, that this <----------> is ten inches.


Atheism vs. anti-theism is going to be viewed by many as splitting a very fine hair. 

People can view things as badly as their ignorance will allow.

How can you be atheist without also being anti-theist is the question.

Because not all atheists are you unseen. Believe it or can reject that god doesn't exist without giving a single s**t about religion or the religious.

as well as how common is such a creature?

It doesn't matter if non-antitheists represent 10% of atheists or 90% of them. They are still two different categories (or subcategories) of people and they should not be confused.

1. Tell that to Dawkins and his ilk. The belief that "nonbelief" will save us all from the treacheries of religious dogmatism is pushed regularly. The most militant atheists are as dogmatic in their insistence on a world view as the militants of any other group. I'll grant you that, yes, this is a subgroup, but many violent minority factions dominate the debate.

2. To wit, the assertion that the violent minority factions of Islam are any more or less relevant than any other violent subgroup. "Correlation does not imply causation." I can no more claim that Islam -- a religion of 1.5 billion for which the overwhelming majority is not violent -- is the cause than I can say that maleness is the cause. I would have a stronger case for the latter, however, and in more ways than the militarized one.

In any case, here's the thing about Islamaphobia: if you honestly believe "Islam is the most violent religion" when the very lovely Christian-driven West drops drops soldiers, drones, bombs, and weapons throughout the world, you're already a bit too far gone in the propaganda trap.

I see violent extremism in defense of political ideologies and world resources in both guerilla-style conflict and organized militaries. The complex interrelationships need to be sussed out without the "Muslims are mad" version of today or the "Jews are bad" version.

3. How convenient that Dawkins want to hype the group that he doesn't belong to! (Men, check your privilege.)

No. You are criticising anti-theists and their sometimes over the top claims. That is not the same as atheism which is nothing more than a negative claim: god doesn't exist. The difference is huge and important.

In any case, here's the thing about Islamaphobia: if you honestly believe "Islam is the most violent religion" when the very lovely Christian-driven West drops drops soldiers, drones, bombs, and weapons throughout the world, you're already a bit too far gone in the propaganda trap. claim that numbers and statistics are important but you seem to be shockingly ignorant of them. War violence is but one example and I wouldn't dream to compare what Somali extreemist or ISIS lunatics do during war with even the worst moments of American troops torturing Afghanis. If you had to choose between an interrogation by a Danish soldier and an ISIS thug...which would you choose. If you say the latter you are full of s**t.

You say the overwealming number of muslims are not violent but you are only talking about suicide bombs...and not domestic violence, or punitive punishment or the emotional violence that comes from objectifying women. But you don't seem to care about that. You simply don't want the world to portray all muslims as suicide bombers. To be honest...I don't know a single person who does. What I and some others do is point out the shocking coincidence of a variety of forms of violence and cruelty with a majority muslim population in any given country. Especially if you are a woman, homosexual or non-believer. Would you rather witness a Swiss couple having an argument or an Afghani husband and his property having an argument?

I suppose we could also compare the rate of the beatings and murder of homosexuals by Christians vs. Muslims. And domestic violence? Oh's just a little slap on the head once in a while. And honour killings? Christians do that only in Lebanon and Syria...probably because of their co-habitation with Muslims who do it a whole lot more. And chopping off vaginas? That's pretty violent. Sure a few non-Muslims do it but not many Christians. Muslim men and women chop off the vaginas of little girls every day. Lots and lots and lots of them with each violent knife stroke. But you don't seem particularly disturbed by this but more about how some Muslim communities may feel if we were to discuss this. What about suicide bombings and killings. Any numbers on that by Christians that are higher than two digits per year? You aren't interested in these numbers because you are so keen on protecting and defending exotic cultures under critique that even the most unquestionable statistics and numbers wouldn't change your mind. Because it's all so Islamophobic to even be talking about this isn't it?

In any case, I've never made the claims you are referring to. Some anti-theists have. We aren't talking about Anti-theism but atheism. Two different things.


  Playing apologist doesn't really cut it.

   1) Atheism is about something. It's about seeing the world as it is, not through some ancient and errant mythology, nor through the tinted view of modern mythologies.The problem seems that many of the new atheists show a blind faith to the new mythology. And the new mythology is very islamophobic. 

2)Christianity is by and far much more violent than Islam. However violence in the name of Christianity if often ignored in our media or played down.while single executions by ISIS and Al Qaeda anywhere in the world get replayed for weeks in the news.

3) One of the responsibility of celebrity is to acknowledge that your opinions can influence others into action . Dawkins should be aware of this and it is no ones place to rationalize, explain or apologize for Dawkins' except Dawkins

When you say "Christianity is by and far much more violent than Islam," what does that statement cover?

When one makes a statement like that, it pretty much has to mean "In the name of Christianity" not just things done by Christians, for when people criticize Islam as violent it is due to things proclaimed to be done in Islam's name.

Where are the prominent Christian clerics, for example, calling for terror attacks or horrific executions? Calling for the suppression of free speech? Calling for the sexual mutilation of women? Promoting and justifying slavery?

On the face of it, your statement seems nonsensical.

  Unseen... You must be joking...

   The  Souther Poverty Law Center Currently monitors 939 hate groupe in the US alone many of them areself described Christian groups

"Where are the prominent Christian clerics, for example, calling for terror attacks or horrific executions?"

Just turn your TV on any Sunday morning and check out some of the TV preachers you will find there Pat obertson, Bill Hagee, Ronert Spencer, Maury Davis, Terry Jones\

No, you're joking. Hate isn't violence and neither is hateful bluster.

Where's the beef?

LOL indeed where is the beef.


 you specifically asked about Christian "clerics calling for terror attacks or horrific executions".You seemed to be asserting that there are no equivalents among the Christian



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