I would like to post often here (not in this forum but on TA), but am unsure of how dedicated I will be able to be. I will try really hard, though - I promise! I'm just a busy dude (as I'm sure most of you are) with a full-time job, a part-time job, school, and a family. And then there are my hobbies, which include stand-up comedy and rock n rollin!

I am new to Think Atheist, but not new to thinking as an atheist. I was raised in a somewhat conservative Christian family and was the first to officially come out as an atheist. Several of my cousins have followed suit and I think my sister will be coming out soon!

I realized I was an atheist in high school. Around 11 or 12 I started questioning my parents, grandparents, and church officials but it wasn't until about 15 that I finally got over the fears that were instilled in me as a child. From 16 to about 21 I was angry and confrontational about it and would argue militantly with Christians, Mormons, JeHos, etc. At 22, I studied Judeo-Christian history in college, became well-versed in religious history, and began having more educated debates with religious folks. Now, at 30, I just shake my head and do the face palm a lot. I try to surround myself with more like-minded folks these days and teach my children about science, philosophy, and morality.

I occasionally perform stand-up comedy and try to do a lot of jokes about religion in my act. I like to focus on social issues as well and attack them from a secular humanist perspective.

I have a blog over at blogspot (http://philosophyfools.blogspot.com) and at Science 2.0 (http://www.science20.com/blog/22254)

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Thanks for the reply. Are you a Rose by ancestry/marriage/theft?

My whole life I thought I was mostly Irish-English, but through genealogical research over the past few years, I found out I am mostly Scottish, with some Irish, English, Dutch, and German thrown in. Finding out that I'm Scottish helped explain my strong desires for single malt Scotch whiskey, my love of the snare drum, and my tendency to wear skirts.

I wonder if we're somehow related... maybe we can convert more Roses to the dark side!


Why are 'Roses' unpredictable? A little fertilizer, a little water, lots of sun, and TLC. Careful of the Theist spider mites....lots of sulpher or tobacco infusion spray.....;p) 

We're not so unpredictable, but we have a lot of pricks.

By the way, Bella, I read that Ecclesiastes is Dawkins' favorite book in the Bible...

Have you ever tried roses in the South? The humidity makes their success very worrisome.

Usually a lot of us just tell newbies "Go away. Don't bother us." And if they stick around anyway, they get to stay and use the executive washroom. Have you applied for the Think Atheist VISA card yet? Best rates around.

So I wonder how good the service would be with a 'Think Atheist' Visa card?

Do the points accumulate toward a nice place on Arizona bay?


Hello and welcome.  I'm quite new myself, I don't think there is an expected level of activity, but it will be good to hear your views on the topics that are important to you.

Anyway, glad you seen the light, and realised that it wasn't necessarily supernatural just because it was there.

I will always assume the light at the end of the tunnel is a train. Keeps me grounded.

lol, probably a healthy assumption, at least till proven otherwise :)


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