Ok, I know this isn't a beauty pagent forum, however, most Atheists I know have a seemingly strong sense of logic. So my question is, since a lot of young girls look up to beauty pagents for various reasons; I'm curious to know how everyone would feel about a pagent/contest where a type of IQ test would be required for part of the entry. And questions that are asked are designed to show a logical thought process within the contestant. While we can probably all agree that the typical pagent may be entertaining...at least with the "Ummm, well, I personaaa-llly think that..ummmm, that....." answers (meaning..just look at my assets and don't worry about what I have to say..lol). I guess I would like to see something encouraging young ladies that it is ok to be beautiful, but it is strongly encouraged to show intelligence as well. ...ehh..what do you guys think?

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I think that a contest designed to showcase intelligence and thinking ability would be lovely.
Thank you! I don't really watch them either, I just can't get all the bloopers out of my mind when another beautiful, but quite dumb woman opens her mouth in public...and they give her a mircophone to boot!
I absolutely despise beauty contests and only watch the youtube blooper stuff.
If I want to look at hot women, I'll grab a dirty magazine. At least I don't have to listen to them try and talk that way.
(Though actually, Maxim and Playboy seem to pick really great models who are intelligent and have something to say. I think men's magazines provide better role model behavior than those bimbo parades.)
lol...I hadn't really thought about it in those terms, but it does make absolute sense! I'm aware that everyone has a right to free speech, however, the smartest thing some people could do is opt not to exercise that right in public!!...lol
Jeopardy needs more close ups and the producers should choose what the contestants wear. A giant blue box blocking half their body? C'mon! I need to see that for the swimsuit round! Young girls need to know!

Yeah, I might watch that.


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