That's right. Tell all what you are REALLY good at. Whether it's graduating from Harvard, or being the record holder for surviving the most keg stands in your sorority without going to the hospital, knitting mittens, or blow torching hemp yarn into heirloom keep sakes, starting your own business, to using a nail gun to recreate the Mona Lisa.........

Tell us your best qualities, most intruguing talents (video is even better if you are so bold.)

Think of this as the Think Atheist talent show.

Who's first? Don't everyone volunteer at once!

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A few posters have written of young people not performing up to their levels because they feared rejection by others their age.

I right away remembered from my two junior college years that I often saw an attractive young woman student by herself. All I knew about was her name. We went our separate ways and about thirty years later I read in a newspaper story that she was a federal appellate court judge.

I wonder how she felt about her aloneness.

I'm saddened to hear that people learned, probably from parents, to limit themselves because they fear success might make them stand out from their peers. Yet, success later in life often requires people to deal with aloneness. Learning early how to deal with it does contribute to, and perhaps makes possible, their later success.


Once made love to a woman on a yak. Not a skill? Imagine you're straddling. Okay, now pull your pants down.

That's pretty good Lewal. Definitely better than making love to the yak while on top of the woman, not that I've tried.


Atheist and record setting musician.


I happen to be the top student of my philosophy class and yet, I don't have a beard or a Nietzsche mustache. Quite miraculous, right? Give it a few years...the beard will come. 

I also have a pretty funny username. When studying the nature of 'God' all I heard was 'OMNIPOTENT, OMNIPOTENT, OMNIPOTENT.' So then I likened God to my bodily excrement. It also leads me to have punny replies, such as 'Well I've flushed that theory down the toilet a long time ago.'  

In all seriousness, I believe that questioning rationally and thinking deeply is a vital talent. Amongst the gunky, over-complicated doctrines we are pebbled with in this world, being able to think freely of the archaic ideological shackles is an amazing quality. 

Hey man. I'm enjoying our chat on that other thread. I'm 44, but I still remember my undergraduate days - I'd go out drinking with others in the philosophy department and we'd talk about Neitzsche, Socrates or whoever. Those were great times.

How cool is it, that in 2014 we can meet people online and advance thoughts and have discussions like this. I'll spare you the speech about 'when I was a kid, we didn't have no damn Internet and we liked it.' Lol.

What are some more of your thoughts regarding philosophy, or of other stuff?

Ello! Me too! Well, actually I'm 17 going on 18. I'm in my last year of school until I go onto university (the education system is a little different in Australia). 

It is quite profound, how fast the world is shrinking, how connected us humans are now. 

Well, as a student I'm constantly changing my philosophies as I become more learned. For instance, at the start of this year I was a deadset dualist and Christian. Now, I'd say I'm a supporter of Nietzsche's ideas and the materialism of David Armstrong. I am also not too dismissing of Deism..I dare say you'll see my philosophical views throughout my responses. 

Like the majority of those on this site (I hope), I'm a lover Christopher Hitchens. 

So there you go - kinda condensed.

I'm sure you're current curriculum is great.

Individuals who helped shape my thoughts: Spinoza, Socrates, Mill, Buddha, Confucious and of course 'Hitch,' to name a few (I'm reading Hitch 22 currently).

What I recall about Spinoza was that he seemed keen on the idea that God may be better understood as simply nature or physics. I think we may even be able to take up the idea that fate/ destiny/ time is God. Maybe we just need a new word...

I ride a motorcycle and do it fairly well.

I am incredibly good at picking myself up, dusting myself off, and getting back into the uphill battle that is my life.

I am told that I am a really good listener, which is kind of funny as I am profoundly deaf. 


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