That's right. Tell all what you are REALLY good at. Whether it's graduating from Harvard, or being the record holder for surviving the most keg stands in your sorority without going to the hospital, knitting mittens, or blow torching hemp yarn into heirloom keep sakes, starting your own business, to using a nail gun to recreate the Mona Lisa.........

Tell us your best qualities, most intruguing talents (video is even better if you are so bold.)

Think of this as the Think Atheist talent show.

Who's first? Don't everyone volunteer at once!

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I'm not suggesting we are never lauded for excellence by our peers or authority; I'm just saying there exists a risk of feeling rejected or resented for performing at a high standard which is largely unnecessary.

What's important here is what individuals perceive over what actually happens. Let's say a kid who is neither popular nor unpopular delivers a very heart-felt, well-written poem. 3/5ths of the class is indifferent. 1/10th is impressed. 3/10ths call him a dork. The problem arises when only that 3/10ths speaks up. From that kid's perspective, it probably feels like the entire class thinks he's a dork, even if 70% doesn't.

As a one off, that's just life. Shit happens, and we deal with it. The problem is when it is culturally pervasive. I contend that it is. It's a very common trope in popular culture, especially in the types of media children consume which is when many of us are first exploring our talents. This is why many programs these days seem to make a concerted effort to send more positive messages. Glee, love it or hate it, is all about this theme (and is an example of trying to steer things in a positive direction for the most part).

I disagree that people are not rewarded for being in the middle. That's almost the definition of our contemporary mainstream culture. I think it's great to have a well-represented middle -- not everything I consume myself is 'high art' --, but a more fleshed out gamut would be nice, imo.

I agree with what you're getting at. And I'll add that it may be rooted in our national mythology--everyone in America is pressured to pretend they are middle class. In fact, we're supposed to pretend there really aren't any classes at all in this great, merticocratic land of opportunity. We're all just average Joe's trying to live the American Dream. If you step outside of that narrative by performing exceptionally well or caring about an a-typical topic, you're bully bait. I'm relieved that being geeky has become somewhat cool, because the jock-worshipping culture I grew up in promoted ignorance, social apathy, and mediocracy.

"If you step outside of that narrative by performing exceptionally well or caring about an a-typical topic, you're bully bait."  - I agree, I've seen this with some people - they're a lowly outsider, yet extremely classy and talented.  They get eaten alive by the jealous mediocre incompetent bullies.  I've experienced it once, recently - I've never tended to get bullied, maybe because I've got a pretty baby-face, and nobody wants to hit a pretty baby.  At school I was lauded and people followed me, even though I was king of the nerds.  It was a good school I think. 

They even compete against each other.

Wow... Just like actual real life. 

That's pretty awesome! It's nice to find something you love is also something you're good at (ie the gaming). I know being a healer in general is tough, I've tried it but wasn't good at it so I stuck to DPS. 

I think over the past 3 months I've played about 30 different games. I'm into indie games at the moment, so Don't starve, Beat Buddies, Dust, Starbound, Monaco just to name a few. I play basically every day, each day is a different game. I was into F.E.A.R. and Half life a little while ago. Oh and Skyrim.

I used to play MMORPG's like WoW, Neverwinter, Guild Wars 2, etc but I got a bit tired of them. They tend to get a bit tedious and repetitive after playing them for a long time. Do you play any other games?

It's nice to find a game that you feel you won't get tired with. I felt that way about WoW but after 6 years of playing only WoW I got bored. It was extremely addictive though. Sucked me in completely!

You seem to stick to MMORPGs mostly? Ever tried offline games (besides Zelda and Pokemon)? I never played Zelda but I love Pokemon games, always go back to them every now and again. You must try pokemon 3D! It's free to download and lots of fun! 

I suppose it comes down to the game design, but I've always felt that there should be ways for difficulty to balance out in various roles. If your primary task is relatively easy, then the expectation of perfection should be much higher, or the responsibility for auxiliary tasks should be greater.

Tank, healer, dps, whatever... there are ways to be good and ways to really suck. DPS largely seems to get a bad rap because it draws a higher percentage of hack and slash mindsets. 

I've always felt that there should be ways for difficulty to balance out in various roles

I agree 100%. DPS is generally the most played role because it's almost always easier and less pressure. If your party fails the blame falls on the healer and tank even if it isn't their fault. Unless you're a complete idiot and pull a 'Leroy Jenkins' and wipe your group lol.

Leeeeeeeroy Jenkins!!!!!! What was that guy on?

DPS largely seems to get a bad rap because it draws a higher percentage of hack and slash mindsets. 

In my experience I've noticed that DPS gets a bad rap mostly because the market is so flooded with them and the vast majority think that being DPS consists of only pew pew and no strategy or control.

My name is Paul, and I'm a game-aholic. The last time I played was about 15 years ago, when Doom would keep me up all night even when I had to go to work early in the morning.


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