That's right. Tell all what you are REALLY good at. Whether it's graduating from Harvard, or being the record holder for surviving the most keg stands in your sorority without going to the hospital, knitting mittens, or blow torching hemp yarn into heirloom keep sakes, starting your own business, to using a nail gun to recreate the Mona Lisa.........

Tell us your best qualities, most intruguing talents (video is even better if you are so bold.)

Think of this as the Think Atheist talent show.

Who's first? Don't everyone volunteer at once!

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I ask "Why?" real well. Sometimes superbly.

Hi, Belle.

I've been told I have an organized mind and good powers of analysis.  I also think I make killer mixtapes, but not everyone would agree. 

Hey Belle, if you like dancing, "check me out". 

It just seems to me like a self confident extrovert ends up with the short end of the stick. Extroverts LOVE to talk and express themselves.

But extroverts tend to run the show, especially in conversations. (I'm speaking from an introverted end of the stick, especially today for some reason. On other days I think I'm more positive.) Extroverts drive groups, and inspire people. Braggarts by definition may be doing some of that, but by definition, I think it's more self-serving than beneficent.

I first took your "brag about yourself" as encouragement, in the sense of how it might inspire others. In this sense, I think of it as "passion", i.e. a contagious kind of positive thinking.

We all have our up and down days. On the low days, I long for the high days. I want to hear more upside! (Thanks for starting this.)

"Braggarts by definition may be doing some of that, but by definition, I think it's more  self-serving than beneficent." - I agree, an arrogant person only brags about themselves, and always wants to be number 1.  A confident person can appreciate the qualities and achievements of other people as well as their own. 

Here's one for introverts, "wrongly" (apparently) attributed to Einstein. 

  • The one who follows the crowd will usually get no further than the crowd. The one who walks alone, is likely to find himself in places no one has ever been.

Even if Einstein didn't say it, it's still true. 

It's OK to be realistic.  It's healthy.  Someone who's confident about their own abilities may be harsh in judging some other things about themselves, with equally good reason. 

Good point @Belle Rose.

Perhaps us humans commonly feel threatened by others expressions of success ("bragging"), in that they feel fearful of that person's gain. 

It is a selfish thing to put someone down for bragging - it is done for the benefit of self-interest. So sure, nobody minds a self-confident introvert, because it doesn't threaten anyone's social standings. Yet, once people start promoting themselves, it's a race to either talk themselves up even more, or to condemn them. 

It's quite a primitive thing, don't you think? 

I like to sculpt statuettes of the X-men. I do all my sculpting from scratch, no molds.  Here is my rendition of Storm.  I also like to make dioramas. I love to write stories and poems, some of my poems were picked up by a small local literary magazine, they were well received.

Thanks! I've never been in a competition before but one of my sculptures was picked by my advanced ceramics teacher to be displayed for a couple months. It was a turtle shaped box, the shell was the lid. I think art is good for people.

That's amazing! I'd like to see more!

I call this one "forgotten temple" I hand sculpted the peices and attached them to a painted canvas. It's really small but I like to imagine it as a towering lost idol in some south east asian jungle.

I use this stuff called sculpey, it is just like clay except for two things.

1. You can not eat, or drink off of it or smoke out of it.

2. Instead of a superheated, gas fired kiln (like for ceramic clay) is can be solidified at a low temp in the oven. Like 250 degrees.

So it's only really suited for art and design use, not so much the making of practical items. I have spent a lot of time with ceramic clay though, I can use a pottery wheel and make cups and plates. I work the sculpey with the same set of tools that I used for clay. They make colored sculpey but I use plain white then paint it my self with acrylic paint. It pretty cheap to, I get 1.75 lbs of it for about 10-12 bucks from amazon, or from the local craft store.

Here are my sculpting tools. You could pick a set up for pretty darn cheap.


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