Hey guys, I have a couple of concerns with the Boy Scouts popping up at my girlfriend's child's school.  He's in the first grade, and the boy scouts came yesterday looking to recruit.  He, of course, automatically assumed he was already in the boy scouts because of this.  Due to their discriminatory nature, and their complete arrogance, I talked to him about how the Boy Scouts were bad because they discriminated against certain people.  It was an awkward conversation, because I had to explain to a 6 year old what gay means, and why discriminating against them is wrong, and also illegal.  I broke it down in ways that I felt he understood (at least the high points).  At the end of the conversation, he said the boy scouts were "really awful" and he didn't want to be in the scouts.  It felt pretty good.  He understands discrimination is wrong.  Big win here for that.  However, I know, after a bit of research, that the scouts still use public schools for their meetings.  I also know that the school can choose to allow them to meet on the property.  However, my problem is this: The Boy Scouts are a discriminatory organization (openly), and they are coming to the school, during school hours, to try and recruit for the scouts.  I looked up the school district's discrimination policy, and found that sexual orientation is within its guidelines.  

My question is this:  Do you think I should say something?  Possibly write a letter to the school board stating that having the boy scouts at the school during school hours is sponsoring a discriminatory Christian organization, which, in my opinion, is a violation of the 1st Amendment?  Just wondering the community's thoughts on this.  The group meeting after hours on school property is the choice of the school.  But when a kid is at school, he/she should be learning.  Not learning about the Boy Scouts and their bigoted ways.  

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If you're not bothered by setting fire to your head, go for it!

I'm not saying I support the Boy Scouts, but I have to say I think I understand their position. It seems the main reason why people are OK with the Boy Scouts having a discriminatory stance against gays is because most parents wouldn't like their young boys having sleep overs with men who are sexually aroused by other males. Of course, being gay doesn't make someone a child molester, but being straight doesn't make you one either, yet I bet very few parents would let their girls have sleep overs with a bunch of men.


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