Bow Your Head? Close Your Eyes? How to act when saying grace 101.

My guess is that this has been covered in another forum but I wanted to throw it out there;


So who among us has been the following situation: You are sitting at a friends or even a family's dinner table and everyone gets ready to say grace. Everyone bows their heads and or closes their eyes.  What do you do?  Do you close your eyes and or bow your head out of respect and think to yourself "omg this is such bs", or do you hold your atheist head up high with a kind of "suck-it" mentality I am not going to coddle you just because you expect me to, I'm an atheist dammit and proud of it!!! 


Would love to hear your thoughts and stories!!

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I just sit there and wait for them to finish.  I don't bow or close my eyes though.
My family hold hands which I don't mind doing. But I do not bow or close my eyes. I remain silent when they say, "Amen". Sometimes I make faces at my 3 year old.

I am fortunate that my closest friends, oddly most of them are very religious, respect that I do not have the same beliefs they do and do not expect me to participate in grace or other prayers.  They usually will do a quick grace to themsleves if they feel the need for a pre-meal prayer. 



oh my no. thankfully!

Or, if you come out of the closet and your family does not accept you


You will burn in Hell

You will burn in Hell

[insert name] will burn in Hell

Till the end of days


...Not that it really happened

Yeah, because both The Bible and eternity are so accurate. Well, at least eternity is not self-contradicting. I would have put "For all eternity" but it didn`t have such a nice ring to it. Try singing it in the melody of "happy birthday" and you`ll see what I mean.
Ah, prayer time.  I'll join hands if I'm at the table, simply to not be rude (like "ew, I don't wanna touch you!" lol), but I do not bow my head nor close my eyes, nor say amen, nor any other silly damn thing.  I'm not the least bit worried about it causing a problem because if they can fucking see me not praying, then their eyes were open too!
I do lower my head, but do not close my eyes or fold my hands.  I do this out of respect for the people I care about.  Lowering my head doesn't indicate I'm taking part in the prayer, to me it amounts to being the same thing as observing a moment of silence. 

Personally, I just sit there quietly until they are done. I don't make a big deal, and I don't try and join in. I am respectful of their preference as long as they are respectful of mine. I did have to politely decline going to church services beforehand though.

You are a man after my own heart.
Hear! Hear!! Well spoken.
lol "My turkey is getting cold." This man has his priorities in order.


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