So a town in my area garnered a bit of attention over a christian monument on public property when the ACLU ruled it unconstitutional, and eventually a judge ordered it to be removed. I was surprised some progress was being made and wasn't surprised when the ones trying to make progress weren't from this area.

See, bloomfield is in the Four Corners, a miserable wasteland with no cities for a 200 mile radius, where the people are still stuck in the 1950s. Nothing but redneckidiots, products of incest, and methhead trailer trash. The area was like 85% republican, everyone's mormon, catholic or christian and they're not good people about it if you know what I mean. They all drink mountain dew or monster energy drinks and eat junk food then wonder why they're fat and unhealthy. This place sucks so much.

So enough with my ranting, noone cares about me at all anyways.. But I figure I can give all of you something to do - dish in some of your time, if you'd please, in the effort to protect the separation of church and state.

By all means, please discuss this.

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I can tell you that New Mexico is not called the Land of Entrapment for nothing.... next best down place is Durango dude, lol, get the hell out before the weed and the casino leave you dry. Anyways, I thought I was the only atheist from the 505. You know what's up :)

Although the majority of people in the 505 are religious (either catholic in the southern half or mormon near utah) there are some atheists out there. We just tend to keep under the radar so we don't get lynched.

I have only spent a small amount of time in Farmington. The people I knew there were all OG but from what I remember, there was nowhere to go but the casino.......Albuquerque is much more diverse. But still mostly ghetto. I guess it depends who you run with.

I hope you can at least get out of that town soon. UNM is a good school, so is CNM...and NM Tech (where my brother went) has a much higher percentage of Atheists. It would make sense that there are more Mormons where you live, but not all of NM is that bad....

Yeah I was going through the facebook post from KOB on the story and there were lots of people defending the monument calling out for religion to stay in the state. I even saw messages from some redneck idiot who was threatening to go postal if it was taken down.

Some idiot was going to go on mass murder sprees if the 10 commandments were removed.

This is the area I have to live in. Can anyone really blame me for hating the four corners so much?!

No joke


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