Okay, so this note from one of my friends showed up in the facebook newsfeed the other day. It reminded me of how absolutely crazy I realized everything I believed was when I deconverted. So what's the craziest thing that you guys used to believe? 

Here's the note:

So during an epic worship night at the Reighard's home I had a crazy image come into my mind and I felt like I should share. 

I first saw a cross hovering over the city (Shawnee) with nail wholes in the planks  (where Jesus' forarms and calves would have been placed). Blood started rushing out of the wholes pouring over the city. Soon I couldn't see any houses or figures, just an ocean of blood and then the image zoomed out to show the entire globe. Everything was covered in this blood. Then it zoomed in to show people walking around in the blood, they were also covered. Some had realized it, others hadn't.

I prayed about this (slightly tramatic)image for a while and as a result came up with this: The blood represented the literal blood that was shed for our sins. It covers up everything. We can literally do nothing so awful that Jesus can not cover up through grace if we go to him for forgivness, sin large or small in our eyes. The people walking around in the blood... well some had realized it and were acting different, others were acting as if nothing changed. They didn't realize the blood was there and therefore their lives stayed the same. If we know we are drenched in blood then we should act different! We aren't just gonna be trolling along like nothing happened. We are covered in blood!

We are drenched in the blood of the Lamb, in his grace and love. We shouldn't blend in. We should be searching the streets looking for those who haven't realized that they to are covered in his redeeming blood, to tell them. If you knew a cure for cancer wouldn't you go threw the streets telling everyone about it?!? How is God's love and forgivness not the same if not MORE important to spread word of?!??  The blood is shed for us whether we accept his forgivness or not. We are already covered, we just have to acknowledge that we are and accept the giver into our hearts to lead us. 

John 3:16 " For God so loved the world that HE gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life." (NIV) 


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It's only made more horrifying by the comments she's been getting. Here's a couple:

"I knew the Holy Spirit was doing something in you last night, i could see it in your face :P His presence was everywhere in that house last night :)"

"such an awesome reminder and analogy :)"

"I was thinking about this all through getting ready for bed, and I also decided that if we were covered in blood we would have to be morons to not be shouting our heads off. and that people should notice that we're covered in blood, I mean, seriously."


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