Just curious...

What do you say when someone sneezes? Does it bother you that "Bless you" is short for "God bless you"? Does it even matter?

I personally prefer "Salud," which is Spanish for "health."

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I just say, 'Get away from me you infected cretin!'


I stopped saying "bless you" when I took my first real steps into atheism for exactly that reason. I just ignore the sneeze altogether like I would if the person had coughed.

It really makes you think about how odd of a custom it is.

I cannot believe that my first post on TA was coaxed out of me by a slanderous devil woman with the same last name and great dane as I. (me? i aint got time for no grammering)

May the Almighty Lord and Savior, through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, bless you each and every time you sneeze, my darling wife.

Be thankful that I am merely toying with the idea of adopting the phrase above as my  automatic sneeze reply. XD

Nice try.

But it will take more than a silver tongue to reveal my true identity to the dangerous atheists of the internets.


Samuel B Mrakovich

If they are very religious I sometimes tell them that every time they sneeze an angel dies....lol.

you wicked thing, you! lol

Well put Gallup. Some of your statements I found very funny. I stopped that nonesensical superstition while I was still a xian, I rather be rude that follow the useless superstition

I usually say "Use a tissue, NOT the back of my neck you peasant !"

You guys are very funny! Thanks Judith!

Ugh. Last week this kid was coughing, sneezing, and sniffing all around me. I wanted to conk him over the head. Alas, I was on the clock.

If I said "bless you" (which is kind of weird and I don't seem to say anyway) then I'd just mean a bunch of letters meant to put the sneeze aside.  Same as if I stub my toe and say "Jesus!" I'm not invoking the Christian martyr, or when I say "shit!" am not specifically referring to a turd.

"Oh God!" is just an expletive too, and technically, if you want to get all biblical on me, is blasphemy, which is fine by me - or more accurately, irrelevant to me.


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