This is too funny.  This is my favorite part:

Black Jesus is created by cartoonist Aaron McGruder, previously responsible for the controversial offering Boondocks, which airs on the same network. After leaving Boondocks, McGruder said: “For three seasons I personally navigated this show through the minefields of controversy. It was not perfect. And it definitely was not quick. But it was always done with a keen sense of duty, history, culture, and love. Anything less would have been simply unacceptable. I'm finally putting a life of controversy and trouble-making behind me with my upcoming Adult Swim show, 'Black Jesus.'"

I love me some blatant irreverence every now and then.

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It's good to stir the Jesus pot. I have seen this bible verse used to justify the Nordic Jesus "look".

Revelation 1:14

His head and his hairs were white like wool, as white as snow; and his eyes were as a flame of fire;

Oh, those crazy Nordic-looking folks and their eyes like flames!

Yes I do tend to have trouble with my eyes spontaneously bursting in to flames. lol

@ Diane - I love me some blatant irreverence every now and then.

I agree and I try to be blasphemous at least once a day. When Jesus makes an appearance on a slice of toast he is nearly always dark skinned.

However I am not too sure if those that insist that Jesus (assuming he existed) was white are correct. At least he would not have been in the manner most WASP’s or supremacists mean when they use the term “white”. He would most probably have been dark skinned based on the geography of his birth. I like to remind good Christian folk that we are all descended from Africans and that our DNA shows beyond doubt that all of us are very closely related to each other. We are all the one race, the human race.

@Diane - a little more irreverence for you ;-)


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