Yes, I'm Black too, and even though this applies to all other racial minorities I especially stress this on African Americans. In order to make sense of what I'm saying, I'll explain how what you say about your ancestors contradicts your very beliefs.

Now we know Christianity originated somewhere in the Middle East 2 millennia ago. This belief remained in the Middle East for some time and somehow the Europeans got ahold of it somewhere along the line. It's a possibility that Christianity spread due to when Roman Emperor, Constantine, decided to convert to Christianity and then Greek Gods went right out the window to what we call mythology. This change marinated in Europe for a while and wiped out a lot of those other beliefs. Europe, for some reason, grown to be a pretty advanced place around the 1490's as compared to most of the rest of the world. They had some forms of medicine, decent armor, weapons, strategies, and resources. By then, much curiosity of the outside world had built up enough where a Spanish guy was sent to explore the lands of the West. Christopher wasn't a very nice guy to the Native Americans because he would chop their hands off when they couldn't bring any gold back to him. After this clearly unsympathetic, xenophobic explorer the idea started to catch on. Some Europeans decided to leave due to religious oppression so their best plan was to look for the triple G: God, Glory, and Gold. Mayflower Compact, Jamestown, natives coming in close contact with the colonist and so on.

I gave you this brief history in order to get you to understand where your beliefs came from. Think of all the people who has had their filthy hands translating and/or rewriting the Bible over 1 and a half millennia from its original text. Then slaves from Africa became popular in the Americas starting around the very early 1500s and the Triangular Trade between the Colonies, Africa, the Caribbean began.

This is the part you've all been waiting for so here it is. How did the trade happen between the Europeans and Africa?

Well it wasn't like the Europeans just came and took slaves as they pleased. If you want to call it civil, the stronger African tribes made weaker tribes submit to be traded off to the Europeans for their own gain.

Talk about betrayal...

As you know, many of these families were split and torn away from each other. The first slaves, which were men, were shackled down on wooden tables on the bottom deck of the ship. The swaying of the boat caused nausea and would make some of them puke, along with the urine and feces that they had to sit in for months. You also had rats running around and had them exposed to illnesses they had never experienced and which their immune systems weren't prepared for. On top of that, you had the people who shackled them down who would abuse them by feeding them only the scraps. After a few months journey on the water, they make it to the New World and many of the slaves died. Only the ones lucky enough to live finally had breathing space, but now they were subject to back breaking work for many hours. They had any previous beliefs ripped away and were whipped relentlessly while having Bible verses being thrown at them, forced to have a name change, and forced to learn English. With many kinds of torture and no escape, there was nothing else to do but shut up and listen. The slaves secretly assigned their gods to the saints that they were forced to believe in and had no shred of freedom to express themselves. This only increased and the cycle continued for about  4 centuries later until after the Civil War, 1865.

Great! Slavery is now over (at least it was by law and I'm sure there are still people who are secretly enslaved in this context today), but wait they still can't be apart of everyone else? Nope. We have to wait another century which until we could even have the ability to mingle with everyone else by the Civil Rights Act (1964). We are just about half a century from then and here we are now. I can totally understand the anger and pain due to the atrocities that has happened over many years. Not just amongst African Americans, but all of us. I agree that we shouldn't forget about our history, but we also shouldn't use it as a crutch to put guilt or shame into Caucasians. Everyone of all "races" has a story to tell and we shouldn't classify ourselves as a "race" but as a species. If these atrocities were just about the color of skin then that'd be a really irrational pursuit for Europeans to have Africans or any other race as slave. What the Europeans saw was IGNORANCE which lead many natives to be subject to being slaves in the first place. Of course, no one can honestly blame the natives for simply doing only what they knew but the Europeans saw the advantage due to the natives' simple ways and understanding of the world.


But you also must understand that well...hehe... your beliefs in Christianity is sort of a slap in the face to all our ancestors who endured ruthless pain and suffering. Christianity was fed to our ancestors and whipped and slashed onto their backs and embedded in them like an ugly scar. Even though I disagree with all religions, Christianity is definitely one of the most bloodstained of them all. Don't fall into the lies of believing in this Jesus character who didn't prevail for our ancestors. You would be considered an Uncle Tom during the days of slavery which the slaves hated because the Toms were like the assistant preachers who got more privileges because they did nothing but kiss up to the owner . :/ 



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Even though I disagree with all religions, Christianity is definitely one of the most bloodstained of them all.

I think that's because Christianity happened to belong to the most powerful of the time (and still does). Islam would be just as bad, if that's where the power was. But if you're indicting Christianity as the most hateful/hurtful religion of all time, I'm in agreement.

Perhaps Jared Diamond's book Guns, Germs, and Steel could have been made larger by a few chapters, and entitled Guns, Germs, Steel, and Jesus.

Note the church reference below.....


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