The Healthcare debate has waged on and on. The right doesn't want it because it's another Big Gov program that they know will never die and continue to grow. The left isn't a fan of how it's turned out so far because it doesn't go Far enough. The Senate Bill mandates that insurance be purchased by all. We are approaching a time where we might be required to purchase a service from a corporation, that has no price controls, or face jail. On the other hand 45,000 people die a year from lack of care. Why haven't we heard of a good solution? I have.
TR Reid was speaking on NPR late last year talking about German, Japan and France's healthcare. The system is called the Bismarck System. There are multiple ways to skin the cat, but the basics are Everyone has access. (Note, this is not socialized medicine, it's regulated medicine.) Costs are shared by the employer and Employee to create buy-in and a desire to promote health as well and negotiating power. Healthcare Insurance Providers are made non-profit. Some would ask, who would want to run a non-profit with such liabilities? Japan has 3000 providers. Talk about your free markets. Pre-existing is no longer a condition. Access, free markets, and obligatory care.
What's the government role in this? They will set costs with a panel also staffed by the providers. There would not need to be a large gov program. To make me happy, purchase into the plan is not compulsory. Germany has 92% coverage.
What about the care? Germany's care as noted by a cousin of mine who has lived in the US, England, and Germany notes that Germans have access to the most current care. She notes that you don't want to have something terminal in England, and she's happy to be a German citizen to be able to run home if need be. So the level of care is great The cost is 10.8% of GDP whereas the US is 14.7% of GDP spent on Healthcare.
There are two glitches in the system. Doctors make less money. With lower insurance costs and exercising the option to put doctors through med school, we could still draw the best doctors in the world. Currently the best and the brightest go into finance and we see how that is treating us. The second glitch is that the lazy will take advantage of the system. We've been able to address it in welfare, I don't see why we can't do it here.
I would be as cynical as to suggest that the reason that we aren't seeing this idea proposed is simply to protect the profit making insurance companies. We know how corporations are so loved in this country. Legally treated as people yet you can't throw the collective into jail, it seems that there is a disparity in their person hood. I own two corps, does that mean that I get to vote three times? I say that profit in providing Health Care Insurance needs to end. Profit is used to drive innovation and there is no innovation provided by Heath Care Insurance. Did you know that Fire Departments were once private? The greater good overruled the drive for profits and it's time that we do it once again.
What say you? (Apparently I'm Adam Carolla.)

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