Any other bisexual atheists?

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I'm also amazed at the ignorant bigotry towards bisexuality. I've almost lost friends, was harassed, have heard hatred towards and was just plain disgusted by what people said against it. You're misunderstood by straight, gay and lesbian groups who think you should be one way only for their minds to process what you are. If I had much of a dating life, I'd have more hassle, but regardless, there's another closet to come out of once you realize you like another gender. You come out of one closet when you realize you're attracted to the same sex, then when your heart beats faster for the opposite sex, you're inside another closet and you have to figure out how to open that door.
i am a 29 yr old bisexual atheist

I have had crushes on both males and females. I have only dated a single guy. Most people assume I'm straight but I more correctly identify as asexual--it's not the body parts, it's the personality. Sometimes a guy has the right mix of qualities, sometimes it's a girl who has them. Either way, I have come out as bisexual to a few close friends who I thought wouldn't judge--even a gay male's reply was "so a hole is just a hole for you, eh?", assuming that it was all the sexual angle.

I think bisexuals often get flack from both ends of the spectrum--gay and straight, with people expecting you to "pick a side" so to speak. But I think as many bodies are so interchangeable(I find convincingly androgynous people insanely awesome--I wish I had that sort of ability to transform), eventually it won't matter. I've been accused of being a guy lots of times, and it used to really bother me--not so much any more. It is mildly amusing to have people blink at me like I'm crazy when I say I identify as asexual.

I do fear general judgment from women if I out myself on having crushes on girls, though. So I generally keep quiet.

However, It is never about sexy tiemz, and I honestly would take a nice tea party with smoked salmon and cream cheese finger sandwiches over a steamy orgy any day(not that orgies are bad).

Definitely :)


Interestingly enough, I've never actually been in a relationship with a woman. And, I never will because I'm getting married in three months. But I very recently came to the realization that I'm bisexual (or fluid),  I've had crushes on guys and girls my whole life.  And I find men and women to both be beautiful, women probably more so. But, I am marrying a man who is the love of my life.  And he completely understands my bisexuality and has no problem with it

hi i am a bisexual male i have dated and slept with both sexes but im more attracted to males

i came out about being bi just a few months ago when i was going through depression 

depression come on by very homophobic and hateful dad and every one in a 20 mile radius i am 1of the 5 atheist  in my entire town and probably the only bi male in my town

You are not alone.  You're very courageous to be out in those circumstances.  Is there an atheist group in a city nearby where you can meet other awesome people?
no regret to say there isn't the Ozark mountains in Arakasas is full of hateful people, homophobes and worst of all the HQ of the KKK is just miles from my town
Uuuugh.  Man, I am sorry to hear that.  You be careful around those privileged mother fuckers...  I would not be out if I lived near the HQ of those monkeys.  Phew, stay safe.
Yes, we are real and exist in Las Vegas Nevada ;)

Me.   I am but I am leaning toward women more then men.  Just connect with womenn better and they are so soft.  Just saying.

I have encountered some roadblocks in expressing my sexuality that only got more complex when religion factored in. I knew that I am attracted to women and men from a young age, pretty much as long as I have been an atheist. I never really 'came out' though because I didn't think it was relevant. I am strongly sexual and am very open about it. I am lucky to have a supportive group of friends that, while diverse in their own beliefs and orientations, still accept me for who I am.


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