I'm sure at this point most of you are aware of Romney's "binders full of women" comment in the second presidential debate. I'm actually a little surprised that this topic hasn't come up here yet.

I'm curious, what do you all think of this comment? Was it just a bad choice of words? Was it indicative of deeper feelings Romney has toward women? Was it indicative of something else? Is it even a comment worth discussing and/or making a big deal out of it? How do you personally feel about the comment? Do you think it will affect how anyone votes in November?

You could always google the phrase "Binders full of women" or here's a link for a little background info: http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2012/oct/17/romney-binders-full-of-...

And here's a link for entertainment: http://bindersfullofwomen.tumblr.com/

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Jessica - you think Mitt looks like a sociopath? His son, "Tag" looks like a psychopath!

We have ways of dealing viz pipple like you - you have perhaps relatives living in Germany?"

If you think a father/son Bush presidency was bad, imagine what a father/son Romney presidency would be like --

Maybe because his name makes him sound like an afterthought. Of course, "Mitt" sounds like a baseball glove.

The man is a buffoon - and he could be wandering around the world, with foot in mouth. How many times does he have to make blunders, before someone says enough - this is the man who could lead the most powerful and influential country in the world. And this is the man with such fabulous xian values, that he enjoys taking over struggling companies, makes it saleable by sacking people, then moves on.

Just because a man is married and has children, mean he does not have a problem with women. Mormon women are walking incubators, and you had better have enough money to cater for all the children, as this buffoon does, by taking over companies etc... And don't forget the magic bra and knickers.

This is full on and brilliant - 


And this is scary - if you get married, and want out - this will solve the problem - Until Death us do Part - takes on a whole new meaning


How to not have this problem - don't get married :)

Excellent!  Shotgun weddings all round!

I didn't know Romney was into bondage. You know: binding women and all...

Oh, maybe I should have guessed.

Yesterday, there was a FB pix posted on my page. It showed two klingon females in full battle garb, with the caption 'We are not in your binder'. I wrote back, 'I expect that these two could give Romney a good time, right after they break his legs!  No hint intended.'

Interestingly - though it likely will have no effect on the election, as Utah, with its 6 electoral votes, is a solidly "Red" state - the Salt Lake City Tribune came out today with an endorsement of President Obama, saying that Romney has become "the party's shape-shifting nominee." Odo?


Or, as it is said in Spanish, "Jajaja!!!"

I don't know that that was the case, Amanda, and I'm betting it wasn't.

I'd bet that the men he originally hired, before he decided to skuttle that plan and start fresh with women, WERE evaluated on the basis of their abilities. But it's clear that before he had that sudden epiphany, he had never even considered, nor interviewed, any women.

I'd further bet there was never any actual comparison between the "women in binders," that he ultimately hired, and the original men in question, so no one will ever really know who would have been the more qualified.

Only slightly off-topic, but let's take a look at the Unemployment Rate over the last five Presidencies:


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