Unless you've been living under a rock for the past few weeks, I'm sure you've heard of Bill O'Reilly's complete lack of understanding of how the tides work, how the sun rises and sets, and how the moon got in the sky.  Clearly, one could say that even a third grader could tell you the science behind the rising and setting of the sun and the functions of the tides.


Well, not 20 minutes ago, on his rant-fest, Bill O'Reilly was making his argument against raising funding for the already sub-par American educational system.  In his talking points memo, he mentioned that states have property taxes which pay for public education, and that even when he went to school, he was taught "the basics."


It was at that point that I started literally laughing out loud.  For a man who can't explain third grade science to claim that he was taught "the basics" is simply ridiculous.


Anyway, thoughts on O'Reilly's being taught, "The basics?"

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"Ohms go up, amps go down - you can't explain that!" LOL
Seriously, LOL!
I can actually here him saying that.
Sadly, he could probably talk all day to you about tithes, though.

Yeah... and he went to Harvard and Boston Uni. Pssht, what a-fucking joke.

George Bush Jr. went to Harvard as well.  It's never been a secret that a bonobo could get an MBA there if its father was rich.  The merit implied by a Harvard degree is inversely proportional to the social standing of the family of that degree holder.
I think for people like him, "the basics" are "God did it"... doesn't get more basic than that. haha
I honestly think he is just an actor saying all the right words to get attention, it's working.
I agree. David Silverman said as much on the David Pakman show after that infamous "tides go in, tides go out" episode. He realized he was talking to a fictional character.

O'Reilly, Limbaugh, they don't believe the shit they spew. They just say the right things to get ignorant morons riled up enough to go "Yeah! We ain't stupid! They be stupid!" And the rest of us to facepalm. He's a bar argument starter.

Wow, I'm really surprised to find someone else who watches the David Pakman Show!  I guess I shouldn't, not on here, but still.  It's cool to know.


I absolutely agree.  Bill O'Reilly is as much of a real person on his show as Stephen Colbert is on his.

going by the ratings he gets and the number of viewers fox gets I've come to the conclusion that the majority of America is just as stupid. I didn't think so until lately but man the things people buy into just because some guy said so!

Right on point.

And that's why I hate the stupid fuck my country has become. *fuming in rage*
i have to agree with bill, braille on drive through atms.... you can't explain that.. ROFL


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