Unless you've been living under a rock for the past few weeks, I'm sure you've heard of Bill O'Reilly's complete lack of understanding of how the tides work, how the sun rises and sets, and how the moon got in the sky.  Clearly, one could say that even a third grader could tell you the science behind the rising and setting of the sun and the functions of the tides.


Well, not 20 minutes ago, on his rant-fest, Bill O'Reilly was making his argument against raising funding for the already sub-par American educational system.  In his talking points memo, he mentioned that states have property taxes which pay for public education, and that even when he went to school, he was taught "the basics."


It was at that point that I started literally laughing out loud.  For a man who can't explain third grade science to claim that he was taught "the basics" is simply ridiculous.


Anyway, thoughts on O'Reilly's being taught, "The basics?"

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I think Bill O'Reilly only was awake during lunch while he was in school.
I think that says a lot about why we need to put more money into education. :p


Watch this. over. and over. I am still dying the fifth time i watch it.


Honestly im surprised how well that video synced up...

When I was in elemetary school in the late 60's and early 70's they taught us evolution and opposition to this type of science was unheard of. Even when I was a Christian (30 years ago) I never heard any grumblings. 


Now these days, I know there are some groups out there that are into creationism in terms of the earth being only 6000 years old and things like that. I even worked with a couple people who spouted that crap. It was annoying.  


As a whole, I don't think society takes these groups seriously. I mean yes, the Duggers can take their children to the creationism museum or whatever it is called but those kids are going to go on-line and be exposed to other opinions and meet people outside of their communes (I mean community) with other views and hopefully recognize the stupidity of denying evolution as a valid science. 




I live maybe fifteen to twenty minutes from the creation museum. It is the biggest embarrassment and facepalm to my community, imo.
OK! That was actually pretty funny.
Bill O'Reilly needs to be a celebrity contestant on Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader! I wasn't sure if anyone could beat Kelly Pickler thinking France was a State and Europe was a Country. But, I dunno... Billy Boy might give her a run for her money!
Bill O'Reilly Proves God through the Tides
Oh man, Colbert destroyed this.
You may be right. President Silverman was interviewed a couple days after he was on o'reilley's show and he said that the character we see on the air is a put-on that is apparently completely different from his off-air personality.

Bill is controversial and may (like many) be underinformed here and there but Having him is better than not. Raising Questions is healthy , right? . Even kicking against the established order and creating controversy  makes people think  . To those who watch , just keep an open mind. Watch it as a sign to gauge part of our fellowmen by .  Speaking for myself I'm beyond watching Bill since  I can remember .


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