When I first saw this video way back ago i really liked it and then had forgotten all about it!... after that i saw this one where Bill O'Reilley responds to this video! and he thinks its child abuse.... the first one may have you chearing the little girl on and the second may have you pulling your hair out and bashing your head against a wall!!!

Little Girl Flames O'Reilley

Bill O'Reilly responds to the Little Girl

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They just implied that this is the same as child pornography? What a moron.
I don't like the use of a child to to express the parent's views. But as much as I dislike this, I can't stand the fact that close minded FOX NEWS says that the parents are 'deeply disturbed' on the content of what she said, alone. Had she been spouting out about the glory of God, they would've made it in to some sort of 'feel good' story. IMHO, the indoctrination of religion to any child that is too young to understand it, is also abuse.
Does anyone have proof this little girl was put up to this???....children are smarter than you think Billy Old Boy.
I have just found this video on youtube.... same one of the little girl... but someone claiming it! So i think it makes it all the much better!!!!

I knew it was for a band, but couldn't remember if it was Bastard Fairies or, for some inexplicable reason, the Dresden Dolls.
Oh hera, this kid is my new hero.
It seems unlikely that this little girl would be capable or likely to have formed these strong opinions on her own even though the slice & dice editing makes her seem quite precocious. I do not countenance this use, or misuse of children for religio-political purposes. I do not like it, and I denounce it! If one of us has something to say on the topic let us say it, but let us not force our speech out of the mouths of our children for the sheer effect of it. They may at sometime regret that we made them do it, and I for one do not want that upon my head.

That said, I agree with what the little mouthpiece has communicated, and see little difference in this indoctrination into anti-theism from that of lets say the indoctrination and regurgitation of Christian Dogma of the children portrayed in the film "Jesus Camp" which I presume would not, and as far as I recollect did not prompt Bill O'Reilly, and his "Child Advocate" guest Wendy Murphy to suggest Child Abuse, and the involvement of Child Protective Services.
Ahh, so I just noticed that I responded to the Video without reading further on in the Posts.... that the girl is merely an Actor employed by a band in a Promotional Piece. Well I guess I must retract my earlier comment...perhaps!
so awesome.
Bill O'Reilly is a right wing christian fucktard who shouldn't have such a prime time slot on TV to spout his bull shit. I'm in the UK, so can anyone tell me if there's any similar programs hosted by people of an alternative viewpoint?

We have nothing like this idiot polluting our news channels. Songs of Praise on a Sunday night is about as bad as it gets here in Britain!

I'm not a violent person but wouldn't you like to punch him square in the face?

Nothing to do with the video but what the hey!
They still show Songs Of Praise? I thought it died with old Harry Secombe. Yes, we'd all love to smack Bill about a bit. Thankfully, I can avoid the Fox channel but there is a lot of his ilk on the TV over here.. I just download TV from back home and watch that instead.


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