When I first saw this video way back ago i really liked it and then had forgotten all about it!... after that i saw this one where Bill O'Reilley responds to this video! and he thinks its child abuse.... the first one may have you chearing the little girl on and the second may have you pulling your hair out and bashing your head against a wall!!!

Little Girl Flames O'Reilley

Bill O'Reilly responds to the Little Girl

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And yet if this same little girl would have been spouting off about how wonderful the Bible is and how bad gays are, it would have been fine!
Very true!
Perosnally I don't like the idea of using a child to express a parents opinion...but for Bill O'Reilly to say "We didn't even use the worst of it" but also not let people see it for themselves by witholding the site details, is misinformation and misleading. They didn't withold the worst of it but he has left the door open for people to assume much worse that was actually said.
I agree, but then children are treated as though they can't comprehend the world around them, which in my opinion isn't true. I've never seen Bill O'Reilly actually put together a constructive argument about anything that challenges his skewed view of the world, that's far worse than what she said in the video. much worse is fox news.. they couldn't be unbiased if they tried.
"I agree, but then children are treated as though they can't comprehend the world around them, which in my opinion isn't true. " I could not agree more.

Yes, but there is a difference between treating kids with age appropriate comprehension and putting them in front a camera to express the points of view you have shown them. I explain anything my kids ask me in as best a way I can, in language they can understand. I hope I am instilling a thinking, questioning attitude in them. But I would never make them speak for me in a debate and esp. never on the web.
It seems that this young girl was made to say this stuff. I don't like it.

Wendy says that she thinks this too..... then she goes on to say that she would encourage everyone to put "shame and stigma" toward this girl. Not good.

Bill says "If this is going on, then other stuff, is going on." Some parents teach their kids that there is a god! And that if they anger that god in a trivial way, they will incur the wrath of god and damn their parents to place far away from themselves!
you know you may think the parents are wrong for what they have had their little girl says but if any of you know about the KKK girls whose father is a high priest or some minister in the KKK and the girls sing about being white only and not tainting your blood with any thing impure (of darker skin) when their myspace was discovered they got bashed pretty dang good for their very very controversial songs that was hardly an issue that has long since been forgotten!
ok its the Gaede Twins spreading the message of hate though there songs
I don't agree with getting your kid to put a message out, unless they are old enough to have at least co-written what they are saying. Even then it seems wrong to put your kids on a big stage with a strong opinion.
But I would like to see Bill feature a similar story on Fundamentalist Christians and perhaps compare and contrast. This girls parents are at least teaching her to be critical and think whereas the fundamentalist is teaching fear and hate.
I am not certain these parents are not also guilty of brainwashing the other way, but it does not smack of it like fundamentalist kids I've seen.
Atheists can not raise children. Atheist are evil. They should all be castrated. This is what Bill is saying, Bill is a dumb ass. This kind of shit is exactly what Seth Iomaa writes about in this book. http://www.lulu.com/content/paperback-book/my-atheistic-perspective...
Our nation needs to stop prosecuting people for not allowing superstitions to rule their judgement and reason. I strongly recommend this book.
First of all, Wendy Murphey is a "Former Sex Crimes Prosecutor" according to the title Fox has given her. If this were a crime, it's certainly not a sexually related one, so I don't entirely understand why she's even a commentator except that people will see the title and possibly draw a false conclusion about the parts of the video that did not air.

Second, setting your child up as the mouthpiece for your own political agenda is wrong, but I don't think it's a crime and I also don't think it's any more mentally abusive (and I'd argue less so) than indoctrinating kids into a religion and torturing them with the idea of hell and sins - but it's more acceptable (and expected, and encouraged) than parents who raise their children to have anti-religious ideas and to speak out against this other form of mental abuse.

At the end of the clip, Bill and Wendy seem to compare the girl's parents with rapists, or are at least discussing the raping of children within the same context as mental abuse. All they have done is found an idea they disagree with, picked an easy target, and then cast a very bad light on it, and in the shadows are the multitudes of videos with "Christian children" expressing their parents' ideas on everything from sin and hell to the so-called "homosexual agenda."


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