Bill Nye "heartbroken and sickened": debate with Ken Ham helped fund Noah's ark construction

Creation Museum founder Ken Ham announced Thursday that a municipal bond offering has raised enough money to begin construction on his $73 million 'Ark Encounter' project. The replica of Noah's ark is expected to be finished by the summer of 2016.

Ham said a high-profile evolution debate he had with "Science Guy" Bill Nye earlier this month helped boost support for the project. Nye said he was "heartbroken and sickened for the Commonwealth of Kentucky" after learning that the project would move forward.

I suppose that underscores the reason why people like Richard Dawkins won't debate creationists.

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Well as bad as this is--I wonder how many fence sitters on the issue will see the debate and be persuaded the right way? That would at least salvage something from this mess. 

A LOT of people are creationists because an authority figure (their pastor) has repeated plausible-sounding lies from Hovind, Ham, et. al.  (The pastor probably doesn't realize it's crap either, because of confirmation bias.  But if you dig back far enough you reach someone with a college education in some sort of science, and therefore actually does know something about science and at best is willfully blind to what bullshit creationism must be.)  This debate could expose them to the other side in a way they've just not seen yet.

As GM indicated, many Xians who watched the debate thought Ham lost.  That's a good thing.  Will it make up for 73 million dollars of theft from Kentucky taxpayers?  Even though the positive effects are diffuse and hard to measure, I can't imagine there's a net benefit stacked up against that.

What a joke. It was fun watching the debate, and I thought Bill Nye did pretty good...but many, many more qualified people warned him that this would happen. I read a list somewhere, can't remember where now--they pointed out that a scientist should never do a debate unless you first agree on where the money is going. It should be done in some revenue neutral way. Otherwise it's just a big fundraising bonanza for Team Stupid, even if they completely lose the debate.

It would seem to me that, if 'Ham' & crew were betting persons, would they not build the Ark to last for several years in preparation for global sea rise, and so be 'sea worthy'?

Since about everything they build is mostly 'plastic', I wonder how long the Ark will last with long term solar exposure?

I quess we will find out, in time, how they fair with packing 'two of each' on the mock Ark. Will they include animatronics? Will they buy up the 'Walking with Dinosaures' exhibit, so finish up their assertion that the dinosaures were not meat eaters?

Oh well....

And let's not forget land plants and almost all marine life that would have undoubtedly died of low salinity if the volume of sea water increased enough to cover the mountains from rainfall (I recall H20x8?)...

After all you know "species" isn't the correct term, it's "kind."

Apparently worms (5 full goddamnfucking phyla if I am not mistaken!) are one "kind" so Noah only needed to bring two worms onto the ark.  Maybe all he had to do was bring the tapeworms he had with him.

How does the rest of Kentucky feel about this misuse of their money?

Perhaps someone should go to this ark exhibit, count how many creatures they see, and then compile a list of every creature that still exists today, but is not present on the boat. This would be a good thesis project for someone. Count the creatures, contact Zoos and Wildlife refuges and inquire as to the habitat requirements for each creature, then compile the space required for the food, living space, the amount of wood it would require to build, and the estimated amount of man-hours such a structure would require, using only bronze age tools.

Then compile All of this information together into one great big leather bound volume, and throw it through Ken Ham's window!

I think the 'window' touch is a little much. Anyway he might install Lexan with a very small % of the money....


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