I need some help friends...My daughter just started school and she is in Kindergarten. I was fumbling through her papers and I find a permission slip for bible in schools??!!!! I obviously said "hell no!" but I want to have a professional conversation with her principal about why and the future of my daughters education. Like what will she be doing while bible class is going on? Why are you offering it....ETC.

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Private school - you're SOL

Public school - contact the Freedom From Religion Foundation or your local ACLU chapter


Well, private school you can always take them out of....

Is this at a public school? I'm anxious to hear about the outcome of your conversation with the principal. I would not have the patience to await the advice of others.

Really don't have the patience either BUT i have been out of town for 3 weeks...LOL Kinda have to.

How disgusting. Luckily my daughter is only 2 so I have a while to wait on this. I hope everything works out for you and no one gets hurt. But it might not hurt to carry a weapon.

Sorry it has been a few days since I have spoken about this.  I have not had a chance to talk to the principal because I have been out of town for work.  But I did find out that Kindergarten class does NOT have Bible class but they start offering it in the first grade.


This does not mean I am not going to talk to him, just have not had time.  IT WILL HAPPEN.  Also it is a public school and I will make sure ALL laws are followed.  But at the same time I am going to be a respectable parent and not just go up to him and threaten the ACLU. 

I just hope the guy is intelligent enough to understand my wants, rights, and parental wishes.  

This is good news!  You have a year to build a rapport with the principal and to network with the other parents before the bible study looms imminent for your daughter.  It's very possible that you can resolve this without going outside of your community. 


Your actions might even shield other children from religious indoctrination.  Active parents like you make all the difference for kids who only get exposure to science and secular values through public education.  I know, I sound like a PTA ad. :-D  Lol


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