I need some help friends...My daughter just started school and she is in Kindergarten. I was fumbling through her papers and I find a permission slip for bible in schools??!!!! I obviously said "hell no!" but I want to have a professional conversation with her principal about why and the future of my daughters education. Like what will she be doing while bible class is going on? Why are you offering it....ETC.

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Okay, don't panic. There are resources available to you. 

Contact these groups and they will side with you and will take the school to court if necessary.


First... contact American Atheists:

Email Edwin Kagin here - 



Fill out this form at the Freedom From Religion Foundation's website:



Ask for help from the Americans United for Separation of Church and State:



Contact the ACLU:



Ask these organizations for help and let the administration know that what they are doing is unacceptable. If they ignore you, these organizations can provide the funds and legal muscle you need to take the school district to court, if you need to.




I hope you do confront the school about this, and then let us know how it goes!

Agreed with Skycomet. You most definitely take action.

This is completely unconstitutional. I would confront the principle immediately. If he/she does not cancel the class I would alert the ACLU and the FFR Organization immediately. Also I would find some other upset parents ........I am sure you are not alone, even in the "bible belt"

A similar issue came to surface about 6-7 months ago. In a county close to mine, a school was trying to actually vote the bible in 100%. Shit went CRAZY ACLU came in and just absolutely raped the school needless to say they don't have bible there.

BUT, the parents that were against bible in schools received death threats, some of the fathers were ganged up on and beaten....Typical religious right wing nutty bull shit.

I am NOT afraid by any means, however, I know shit will hit the fan for sure.

Feel the christian love. *headdesk*

Try contacting the Freedom From Religion Foundation. FFRF.org.

Tell them you want your daughter watching cartoons while that class is going on. That way the other kids will wish they were atheists.



I do not have kids, but if I did, I wouldn't want them to be around that junk in school.  Sounds like they are starting to indoctrinate a little too early.  I agree, a talk with the principal about this is probably a good idea.  It might be best to find out early in the school year how much of the curriculum will be religion-based.  This could be the beginning of a bad school year if they just started and that kind of stuff is already starting to come up. 



Having wasted decades of my life on religion and it's side effects, I'd say that indoctrination at any age under 200 is too early.





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