I need some help friends...My daughter just started school and she is in Kindergarten. I was fumbling through her papers and I find a permission slip for bible in schools??!!!! I obviously said "hell no!" but I want to have a professional conversation with her principal about why and the future of my daughters education. Like what will she be doing while bible class is going on? Why are you offering it....ETC.

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Like what should I say to the principal??  I don't want it to get out of hand.


There are legal issues with this I'm sure. A school shouldn't be allowed to promote any one religion over another. Perhaps a call to your local ACLU might give you some insight.

Here in Mountain View,  Arkansas the local christian churches still pass out bibles to students on campus! 

I would love to have atheists' bibles and ask for similar permission!!!


I would ask that principal to offer your daughter a time for meditation or rubbing Buddha's belly!! Some day the Xtians in our society will realize that separation of church and state is a serious matter and they can't step on everyone's toes to spout jesus.

Kindergarten is not really the issue. She is not even offered Bible class. So that is good, I have at least a year before it will be an issue. But I want to talk to him and let him know where I stand.

I just want to make sure she is doing something else when Bible class is being taught. I have seen it happen before where the people will say she is not in bible class but in reality they are lying.
I think you need to say to him that first of all, kindergarten is much to young to be studying that kind of subject to actually take anything from it. It is the time to learn fundamentals which require little critical thinking, because most 7 year olds are not very good at that.
Second, if they are going to have Bible study, then they should be required to study a bunch of major world religions at the same time. Having only one is suspicious.

I myself had a religion class (part of social studies) but this was not till high school, and during this period I recall the teacher giving us a worksheet to fill in for a bunch of statements, if they were "fact", "opinion", or "belief". Totally secular in nature, as was the way in which the facts about the religions were taught. I love Canada. =3

If you fear that the discussion might get out of hand, try email correspondence to begin with. This will give you the opportunity to compose your concerns and questions in a respectful and concise manner.


Some administrators will be willing to deal with you this way, but others will invite you for a face-to-face meeting for more sensitive discussions simply because most concerned parents will be less likely to act foolish in person. If this is the case, I’d suggest you still write your questions and concerns down and bring them into the meeting. This will help you retain your composure and guarantee that everything is addressed.


Good luck!

Have her accept the bible and then have her ask her teacher to explain the "unclean women" in Liviticus Chapter 15.

I actually have an associates degree in Religion/History. So I do not mind if she learns religion or partakes in religious classes but there is no way she is going to listen to a biased bible class. Plus like some have said, she is NOT old enough to comprehend the fairy tale anyway.

I would not necessarily lose my lid, I just know that I will have to constantly defend my stance and that is not comfortable. That is when I start to get aggravated. But thanks for all of the responses, it has really helped. :-)

If they offer a choice between Judaism, Buddhism, Christianity, Satanism, or Islam and let them partake in all....I am okay with that.  But I live in the "bible belt" so no chance!!

The choice should also include philosophy, or "secular studies."  If they want to teach a religion to a Kindergartner, they had better be prepared to pull out the secular equivalent.  Perhaps they'll say this is above and beyond the mental faculties of a seven year old.  This is where you smile. 

When I was little they passed out mini bibles to everyone at my elementary school, even back then I thought it was questionable, it wasn't till I was older I found out it was unconstitutional...

They did this at my high school a few years ago (only the NT however, cherrypickers). Afterwards there were bibles lying on the ground and in bins and the like. I bagged my copy and let it rot on my bedroom floor for a while. I then found out that my cat disagreed with it as much as I did and urinated on it. ;-) threw it out after that.


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