I actually found it baffling to believe that this is a real thing. But Biblical Archaeology? Basically its a field of archaeology dedicated to finding biblical artefacts. Even if they want to do that, why do they have to put that extra label on it. If it has actual credibility do they need to give it its own special title. Can it not just be archaeology? 

After hearing about this on Yahoo Answers, I did a Google search myself to see for myself and amazingly its a real thing

The site promoting it, called Biblical Archaeology.org claims it plans to do "dozens" of archaeological digs throughout the Middle East and Europe. And of course they are seeking volunteers. Well at least they are "somewhat" realistic about their approach and expecting hundreds of digs. 

What do yo think about this? Are they wasting their time entirely? 

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They claim "God put these bones here to test our resolve. God be praised!" And then they bury the evidence because they aren't sure of the resolve of others.

Yes, it's a test of faith, just like "Why does God let children be abused or die of cancer or get run over by a truck?" 

Biblical Archeology is very real and it is how all archeology was done in the middle east until recently. Israel Finkelstein is an Archeologist at Tel Aviv University and he says the problem with earlier Archeologists is that they had a shovel in one hand and a bible in the other when they went on digs.They would find artifacts and then look to their bible to try to identify them and put an age to them. He has a very good documentary that applies real science to the archeological evidence and disproves many of the claims of the Old Testament. Here is a link to Part one;


Good post. My former professor, Mark Elliott, travels to Israel often to work with Israel Finkelstein and his team.


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