The challenge for every porn loving fool on the internets -- see how many times you can nail Chuy to the cross beams. Give yourself a time limit. Don't stay up all night. And remember, in case the money shots and writhing, naked flesh does not give it away -- only Chuy can tell you if it's really, truly porn.

Christian Anti-Porn 1.0.5

"Flee sexual immorality (1Co 6:18). Christian Anti-Porn will filter links and alert the user if any porn websites are clicked. This will not block but warn every Christian that he is going to crucify Jesus Christ
if he proceeds to such websites."


"Developer Comments

WARNING: This add-on is useful only for Christians. When other people saw Christ in them (followers of Christ), they called them as
Christians. These are the true, Bible only, non-compromising Christians
who are ready to give their lives to Christ and to live a sinless life.
This add-on will be useless to anyone calling themselves as Christians
and yet having no Christ in them. However, this add-on will be useful to
anyone who wishes to come out of their false Christian livelihood to
truly live in Christ without sinning esp. pornography on the Internet.

As I already said in description, this is not the ultimate porn filter.
God is the ultimate porn filter, so pray to Him and He will give you the
Holy Spirit who will convict you in your heart when you are about to
sin. Ask Him His grace which will help you overcome any sin. God bless


To recap -- do not under any circumstance call yourself a Christian or you violate the terms of use.


This will be on the final:

Q: I am what I am and that's all that I am, I'm _____

a. God, the ultimate porn filter

b. God, the ultimate porn

c. all of the above.

d. Popeye the sailor man.

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Thank you, sir. This discovery makes me ridiculously happy.
Warning... Hairy palms may cover your stigmata!! Warning..'Your blindness may prevent you from witnessing the second coming'.


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