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I am considering moving to the United States. I've had an offer of employment from a company that I do occasional consulting for, and they support telecommuting, which means I can choose where to go and live in the US.


My sister lives in Pennsylvania, so something along the eastern seaboard would be first prize.


My wife and I have two small children (3 and 6), so our concerns are both around what is a reasonable place for us to live as atheists, as well as where can we live that won't discriminate against our children because we are unbelievers.


We are thinking of Vermont, although in the back of my head I also have Austin Texas (home of the ACA), as well as San Francisco or Seattle (if we can't find anything we like in the east.


Any ideas, feedback, comments, advice would be most appreciated.




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ok one... I would not move here to the US...

but sence you are i would stay away from the south Georgia, Mississippi, Louisiana, South Carolina and FLORIDA........

why well that's the bible belt and they really don't like progressive people like us.. and Florida is a black hole where old people come to die and rich people lure the middle class in.. really i almost made it out of here once... ;)


Consequently the best places to drink

Yea true, but just don't get drunk and talk about religion ... hehehe trust me on this..

you might get lucky in Florida .. all the really crazy people live here (the ones born here, not transplants) Florida is all ways in the news at least once a week with some wacko doing something so insane the rest of the world goes "whaaat?"

New England for sure. New Hampshire and Rhode Island are close to PA. and Connecticut borders it too (if you absolutely must, but the closer to the Long Island sound you get, the closer to New Yorkers you get). Maine. I'd say shoot for the most scenic first. PA's not shabby. And it's big.

Wow thanks for all the responses guys, you've all given me lots of good info :-)

Watch "Cops Out of Control" and ask yourself if this is a country you would like to live in, and whether the money could compensate for this type of society!

I've worked with police, D.A.s, probation officers, and others during my years as a network analyst for the Criminal Justice Information System (CJIS).  I can tell you that most law enforcement personnel are just people like you and me.  There's some bad apples, just as there are in every group.  But most are dedicated and professional.  It's a gross generalization to characterize cops as out of control and to denigrate U.S. society because of them.

I grew up as an Army brat and traveled all over the U.S. and the world.  There are plenty of wonderful places to live in.  One important deciding factor to me is weather.  I don't like extremes in heat or cold.  Long, harsh, winters are just not for me.  I'm a sun-loving guy but not in combination with high humidity.

The absolute best place I've lived is Hawaii (Oahu).  With the constant Trade Winds, It's truly paradise.  I've also lived in the American Virgin Islands.  Though it was a great place, I found it to be too hot and humid and lacked the amenities of a nearby large city.

Having all 4 seasons is also nice if the winters and summers are mild.  In this category, Seattle wins hands down (if you don't mind frequent rain).  Some winters will see weeks worth of snow, others will have only days worth or maybe none.  But when it comes to summer, nothing beats Seattle (though San Francisco comes close).  The sun (mostly) shines, everything's green and clean and the city has much to offer as far as parks and recreation and nightlife are concerned.  Come to think of it, anywhere along the Pacific coast, from Big Sur to the Canadian border is lovely.  As you move more south, of course, it gets hotter.  Southern California is great but the summers can be pretty hot.  Air conditioned homes, businesses and cars makes it much more tolerable.  I lived there, in various cities, for over 2 decades.  I liked San Diego better than L.A. but L.A. has an abundance of jobs.

Others might emphasize cost of living or outdoor activities or jobs availability or whatever but for weather, the Pacific side of the U.S. is hard to beat.  I find it less humid, overall, than the Atlantic or Gulf coasts.

Chicago rules.

You would be very welcome in Seattle. I'm not supposed to tell anyone this, but (whispers) it doesn't rain here ALL the time.

Shhh!  Don't let them know our secret!  lol!

Arcus, many of us here have invited you to move to places in the U.S.where the residents will not treat you badly because you are an atheist.  We therefore have recommended liberal, open-minded cities with progressive, liberal, attitudes.  I suggested the lovely San Francisco.  After reading several of your other posts, however, I think we may have been wrong.  You would find acceptance, but your conservative, right wing beliefs would be in the minority. You might find those enlightened citizens a little lefty/pinko for your taste.  Your views on animal welfare, foreign investment, etc. would find few adherents there.  Now, Texans may lynch you as an infidel, but will love your political and economic views. Tough choice!  


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