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I am considering moving to the United States. I've had an offer of employment from a company that I do occasional consulting for, and they support telecommuting, which means I can choose where to go and live in the US.


My sister lives in Pennsylvania, so something along the eastern seaboard would be first prize.


My wife and I have two small children (3 and 6), so our concerns are both around what is a reasonable place for us to live as atheists, as well as where can we live that won't discriminate against our children because we are unbelievers.


We are thinking of Vermont, although in the back of my head I also have Austin Texas (home of the ACA), as well as San Francisco or Seattle (if we can't find anything we like in the east.


Any ideas, feedback, comments, advice would be most appreciated.




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Lawton!  I haven't heard that city mentioned since I lived there in the mid 1960s.  My Dad was stationed at nearby Fort Sill.

I live about 15 miles south of Seattle and I'm an out spoken atheist, no problems, cost little more to live here though.

Stay far away from Texas.

San Fran, Seattle, and Vermont are all pretty good bets. Vermont is probably going to have the highest cost of living, but it also has one of the best school systems (so I hear).

Austin TX would get my vote :)

Oregon is beautiful! Especially if you are already employed! Their economy has suffered, but that might mean the cost of living has gone down and you could really take advantage of that. Portland can be really rainy, but it's still strikingly gorgeous. When the weather clear... there is nothing better. Clean air, clean tap water, very good social programs, very liberal... you should look into it!

Oh, and I live on the east coast (Maryland)... it's pretty pricey over here. : /

Thanks, I'll definitely look into Oregon too


I can attest that Oregon IS both beautiful, and liberal.

Oregon's central Willamette Valley (the Corvallis/Albany area) is an hour from the Coast, an hour from the mountains, an hour from Portland, an hour from Eugene, and only half an hour from Salem.  Everything you want is close.

Corvallis is big on bicycling and recycling.  :)  Oregon State University and Hewlett-Packard are the two largest employers.  There's definitely some "hi tech" to be found.

And Corvallis Secular Society may not be huge, but it IS a fun, social humanist group looking for more members.

JOIN US...  :)

I'm so jealous! Maybe someday I live there, too <3

Mississippi = worst state as far as non-christian states go.  At least IMO.  Just look at Prop 26 that the state has on the November ballot.  Scary.

Hey Adam, can you tell me what that tree with the crescent moon on the backs of everyone's cars there is about?

Well, they all suck, but the states that sucks the least woud probably be in the pacific northwest. I am particularly fond of Portland, but I wouldn't live there due to insane property tax, but would rather live in Vancouver, WA across the river, and shop in Portland since there is no sales tax. :)


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