So. My time has come to finally sit down and read the freaking bible. If I'm gonna argue against it, I should know what I'm talking about. It is also a part of western culture whether I like it or not.

There seem to be so many books that make up 'the bible' that I honestly don't know where to start. I've also read that there are several versions of these different books. So where do I start?

I have a Nook, and would really prefer to get digital versions of this thing. I figure Barnes and Noble has to have plenty of digital copies.

Does anyone have a 'favorite' version, book, section? I do realize I could Google this all myself, but that's no fun. I want real feedback before I dive into this. If one sucks less than another, I want to know.

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Here is the Archaeological Study Bible - Nook version.  $20.  Might be better to have a Nook Color for this, but it's cheaper than buying the print hardcover.  That is all.  Haha, enjoy your journey!
By far the best version is The Skeptics Annotated Bible which includes the old testi the new tesi the koran and the book of mormom. It's the best reference!!!
wow, must be one really heavy book.
It's online
I think I might go buy that one. Thanks for the tip!
I use it all the time when some fundie drops a bible quote on me or tells me how good and lovey dovey their god is.
Hmm, I know it's probably the best book to read to lose your faith but I've never bought into the idea that "I should know what I am argueing against therefore I should read the bible" for the same reason I don't read Harry Potter books. Talking snakes, virgin births and resurrections were enough to make me laugh and that was when I was about seven.
I'm also reading it for the historical value. Same reason to read Romeo and Juliet, The Odessey, etc. It also always helps to have the same or more knowledge as the person with whom you are engaging in a conversation. If someone was having a heated discussion about Harry Potter, it most certainly would help to know what they were talking about. :)

I read the old testament in Hebrew, that's how it was written 'originally'. Of course that is a load of crap because I'm sure it was altered loads times. The whole bible, including the new testament I don't know, maybe the Kings James Version? I'm not sure which one I read. I don't think you could go wrong though.

Whichever version you choose, make sure you buy one with a well made binding that can withstand being flung against the wall.  Repeatedly.  With force.  Most Bibles can't take more than thirty or forty thumps.
Maybe I should break down and get a hard copy! I certainly don't want to break my Nook! D:


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