I found this link while surfing the internet for "Einstein God Quotes." If you want to visit this theist site and see what they have to say feel free. So far, I haven't found a way to respond though. ;_; CORRECTION! THERE IS A COUPLE WAYS TO RESPOND! PLEASE SEND A MESSAGE TO THIS MISGUIDED THEIST CONVERT TO LET HIM KNOW OF HIS LOGICAL FALLACIES!


Email him here:


This is his mailing address:

Richard Deem
c/o Reasons To Believe
P.O. Box 5978
Pasadena, CA 91117
Or: Call him!
(626) 87-BIBLE (626-872-4253)


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Ahhh! The Age old "Argument from Ignorance" AKA "God of the Gaps" thanks Doone! ^_^
Most skeptics take pride in their intellectual ability and like to think that they have no "beliefs."

It's not that we don't have ANY beliefs. It's just that we have no beliefs [usually] with regards to the existence of God.
of course skeptics have beliefs
but if they're doing it right, they base their beliefs on REASON and EVIDENCE
And, a skeptic's beliefs can be changed by reason and evidence.
In a conversation with a theist on Twitter (creationist, evangelical) I mentioned that I could think of, offhand, at least 2 things that, if they occurred, would make me reevaluate my position on the existence of a deity. I then asked him if he could say the same.

I got no answer.
Yep... that's the standard response Dave. And the reason being that most theists [except for the open-minded minority] will not be willing to change their belief system no matter WHAT evidence or ideas are presented to them. I think it's because they have SOO based their lives on their religion, that if they let go, then their life will fall to pieces and they'll be forced to rebuild. [FYI... that's what happened to me... so what I would say to them, if they would ever listen, is that getting your life back together after losing faith isn't easy, but it happens a lot quicker and more thoroughly than you would think. And, like going in for a surgery... and many other unpleasant things in life, losing your faith almost ALWAYS looks worse beforehand. Afterward, I was thinking... Hey that was not as bad as I though... sure it was hard... but it was nowhere near what I thought it would be. ^_^]
Here's an idea for challenging his "argument of an improbably perfect universe." - Why did God put the Earth in [to use one scientist's analagy] a "cosmological firing range." Why did he create "Near Earth Objects" that pose a great threat to the human race and life on earth [when considered in the scale of universe time and not individual human life time]. If a comet, or astroid [the size of the one that destroyed the dinosaurs] were to hit us today, the human race would have virtually NO chance of surviving such a "megadisaster." - Be sure to include references if you use this or any other argument. - Apparently he's picky about "having sources"
SERIOUSLY Doone! Give this theist a ring... or an email! You're perfect for debating with him. I think I'm still an amateur. lol
LOL! What a BIG difference! LMFHO!!!
God of the gaps... Poor logic is poor, with poor logic you can make an argument for absolutely anything! For example:

I'll invent 'god of the lost'. If you lose something, and later find it then obviously it was just lost. But, what if you lose something and never ever see it again? Then the 'god of the lost' has it - a perfectly good solid theory to explain why some things are lost but never found!

The above theory follows from application of Occam's razor to old ideas that lost things are just lurking somewhere, the problem with the old theory is it's too complicated, it involves too many hiding places for each and every lost item. The 'god of the lost' theory only involves one hiding place so is far easier.

What I want to know is why can't people use logic properly? It's not hard. Also - why can't people be happy with not knowing something?
Please contact the Kremlin's Gremlin division for the return of your keys.



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