If this sounds weird you will have to tolerate me. For as long as I can remember everytime I meet people and my being left-handed would be exposed ( Say maybe, I have to use a pen etc) some people would ask me if I am creative- with the assumption that left handed people are all creative. (Of course I am a published author of two Novels and a collection of poems). However I still need to find out if is there a  factual proveable reason behind the assumption/ or the thinking that all lefthanded humans are creative by virtue of them 'using the left side of the brain'?.

Is there a followable scientifical lineage of creative humans( in arts, science, politics etc) who, if they were not left handed, they would not have achieved or contributed to human civilisation?  

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I read an article years ago that said that left handedness and also homosexuality in men had to do with x chromosome inactivation.

The way I read it, certain mothers, when they are having a male child, have a y chromosome in their body for the first time in their life. The theory was that the mothers bodily defenses activated during gestation, causing development of left handedness, gayness or both. There is a slightly higher propensity for gay men to be left handed.


This is not the original article, I cannot find it now while on a phone.

Some little-known facts about lefties:

About 20% of schizophrenics are left-handed while lefties are only 10% of the general population.
Our four last US Presidents were all lefties.
Lefties excel at sports. They win more than their share of games & championships. Baseball pitchers sweat facing a left-handed hitter.
Lefties experience greater fear and deeper anger than righties.
Lefties embarrass more easily.
While they aren;t more likely to be alcoholic, they do drink more than righties.

(source is a slideshow on this page)


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