If this sounds weird you will have to tolerate me. For as long as I can remember everytime I meet people and my being left-handed would be exposed ( Say maybe, I have to use a pen etc) some people would ask me if I am creative- with the assumption that left handed people are all creative. (Of course I am a published author of two Novels and a collection of poems). However I still need to find out if is there a  factual proveable reason behind the assumption/ or the thinking that all lefthanded humans are creative by virtue of them 'using the left side of the brain'?.

Is there a followable scientifical lineage of creative humans( in arts, science, politics etc) who, if they were not left handed, they would not have achieved or contributed to human civilisation?  

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It would be a very interesting study. I think it worth taking a look at, because I'm right handed and my sister is left handed, and she is a fine artist. I can't draw for shit, but between the two of us, I'm more creative, but she is more creatful, forgive me for making up a word to make a point. I imagine things much more easily, and between the stories that we both write, mine are usually far more imaginative. Not necessarily better, mind you, but they branch off in ways that are unexpected.

Us lefty brains are different. There's no doubting that. I learned about it in a psychology class in college too...we may not be "creative" in the sense that we're all artists, or writers, but left handed people definitely see the world through a different lense and we can see a problem in many ways and "think outside of the box" differently....not to mention we're brilliant, what can I say! LOL


The feeling is mutual, (but since he doesn't exist, then that won't really work).

Robert: jealous much? Lol!!!

Actually most of us piano players are good with both hands ;)

I think most lefties tend to be ambidextrous, my old boss which was also lefty I overheard saying that I'm somewhat ambidextrous. I really don't think about it much but I try to get my right hand to do things.

I've been told that I started out as a kid that I was right handed and due to an accident, I burned my right hand and I was so young I don't remember the incident, and I started using my left hand and never switched back. My right hand is fine, no trace of injury that I could ever remember seeing.

I am a "true" lefty, which basically means my right arm is nothing but an apendage for balance. It has it's advantages, but in some circumstances it's almost like having a disability in this right-dominated world.

no he doesn't. Because I am left handed and I don't hate myself

Michelangelo was left handed.

You would think, there would be a symmetry in the # of people that are right handed or left, like the toss of a coin.

One brain side often tends to specialize in a skill (language and music are examples), and there are even structural differences visible between the hemispheres. It's kind of like how some body organs are only on one side, which is not due to chance. Still, one side of the brain can often learn how to replace a function lost from the other side due to injury, as long as the function lost wasn't a direct neuron-to-muscle connection, and as long as the function doesn't have to mature by a certain age.

There is some left-right brain mythology out there, but some of it is for real. I remember there being research conducted on "creativity" in left-handed people, but it depends on how one defines creativity, and the evidence isn't overwhelming (yet), like it is for language functions. But there is a proven, lateral correlation for language and left-handedness.


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