If this sounds weird you will have to tolerate me. For as long as I can remember everytime I meet people and my being left-handed would be exposed ( Say maybe, I have to use a pen etc) some people would ask me if I am creative- with the assumption that left handed people are all creative. (Of course I am a published author of two Novels and a collection of poems). However I still need to find out if is there a  factual proveable reason behind the assumption/ or the thinking that all lefthanded humans are creative by virtue of them 'using the left side of the brain'?.

Is there a followable scientifical lineage of creative humans( in arts, science, politics etc) who, if they were not left handed, they would not have achieved or contributed to human civilisation?  

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Using ink, especially dipped point and "fountain pen" left handed is a difficulty because of potential smearing of the ink. I do recall that issue on the part of those who later used pens from the left.

This is why I find it hard to believe that some languages (Hebrew and Arabic for instance) are written right to left; it seems this problem would have discouraged that.

I doubt most of the scribes in those societies were left handed!

Languages which are written from left to right are generally those which were developed using the pen or brush as this allows a right handed person to avoid smearing the not yet dried. Same as starting at the top to work down. Try doing this with one's left hand!

Languages which are written from right to left are those which were developed using a hammer and chisel or other striking/cutting device. In this case, a right handed person will hold the tool in the left hand in order to do the striking with the right hand. In both cases, one obstructs the view of the activity less when performing right hand only from left to right and two handed from right to left.

Or at least that's what I learned in a linguistics course and it seems to follow my experience in tool useage.

What about vertical script?

When marking parts, or using tools to engrave or smooth, I find that working from the bottom upwards provides a less obstructed view of the cutting contact to the work. One can take a rod in one hand and hammer tool in the other, then work out which works best.

IME, bottom to top works best with either right hand or left hand holding the cutting tool. Try it and advise whether your experience differs. As said in another post, I'm not invested in this as have no expertise in analysis of this subject and not my theories.

Genetically, they are the same stock, yet anti-Jewish or anti-Arab sentiments are now commonly thought of as racist, so why not handedness?

What's even worse is both Arabs and Hebrews are "Semites" but only anti-Jewish bigotry is labeled as "antisemitism," which is about as ironic as it gets when a lot of "anti-Semites" are Arabs!

In any case, the fact that the term "racism" is sometimes abused for a merely ethnic distinction--which at least is next door to a racial one--doesn't justify abusing it that reason, let alone for a characteristic that appears to show up entirely at random throughout the human population.

@Norm Keller & SteveInCO;

"Using ink, especially dipped point and "fountain pen" left handed is a difficulty because of potential smearing of the ink. I do recall that issue on the part of those who later used pens from the left."

This sounds like a prejudicial position, since smearing of ink would be more a condition of small motor skills then which hand a pen or quill was held in. I'd need to see evidence before accepting the conclusion about.

Think of all the things not made in left-handed versions. Cameras, for example. 

Not attempting to argue the point, Greg, as I'm not invested in it, but try using your left hand to write with a fountain pen or brush. All of the left handed writers whom I can recall would arc their left arm & hand above the line of sight/print in order to see and to avoid smearing. It is less of a problem with modern ball point pens because the ink dries so much faster but the problem can remain.

I am certain that some of the lefties will provide experiences. If this is not a factor for others, I do have to wonder why the lefties in my schooling and work experience generally chose this alignment?

Wondering about your age group as I began school in 1955 and we were required to use dipped ink pens for many years. Smear, catch paper and scatter ink was the way of things. One would have to recopy a page which had too many smears which was  joy. (VBG)

Were left handed writers/printers using ball points in your time? Maybe that's the difference.

I must ask some of my leftie friends how they get on these days as it's a question I haven't considered in decades.

I grew up in the age of the ballpoint, and I would arc my hand as described, primarily so my letters would slant to the right.  Sometimes the ink wouldn't dry (or a big goober of it would get onto the paper all at once), especially with cheapass pens, and it was not uncommon for the edge of my hand to have all sorts of ink stains on it.  Smearing was a lot less common but could happen.

I read an article years ago that said that left handedness and also homosexuality in men had to do with x chromosome inactivation.

The way I read it, certain mothers, when they are having a male child, have a y chromosome in their body for the first time in their life. The theory was that the mothers bodily defenses activated during gestation, causing development of left handedness, gayness or both. There is a slightly higher propensity for gay men to be left handed.


This is not the original article, I cannot find it now while on a phone.

Some little-known facts about lefties:

About 20% of schizophrenics are left-handed while lefties are only 10% of the general population.
Our four last US Presidents were all lefties.
Lefties excel at sports. They win more than their share of games & championships. Baseball pitchers sweat facing a left-handed hitter.
Lefties experience greater fear and deeper anger than righties.
Lefties embarrass more easily.
While they aren;t more likely to be alcoholic, they do drink more than righties.

(source is a slideshow on this page)


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