If this sounds weird you will have to tolerate me. For as long as I can remember everytime I meet people and my being left-handed would be exposed ( Say maybe, I have to use a pen etc) some people would ask me if I am creative- with the assumption that left handed people are all creative. (Of course I am a published author of two Novels and a collection of poems). However I still need to find out if is there a  factual proveable reason behind the assumption/ or the thinking that all lefthanded humans are creative by virtue of them 'using the left side of the brain'?.

Is there a followable scientifical lineage of creative humans( in arts, science, politics etc) who, if they were not left handed, they would not have achieved or contributed to human civilisation?  

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At 9, my son was goofing off, fell, and hit his head, by 12, he had full-blown, grand mal epilepsy, by 16, it was gone and has never resurfaced - I can only suspect rewiring.

Do you know which (if not both) side was damaged?

It was the forehead, just slightly left of center.

There's substantial archeological evidence (e.g. toolmaking) for right-hand dominance at least as far back as pre-Neanderthal.

I've heard the same question about creativity brought up about (say) gay interior decorators, or fashion designers. (Sans archeology.)

Just sayin'. :)

Great news regarding your son. My stomach twisted when read the first part about development of seizures. Is any nightmare worse than something affecting one's child?

On the other side of the coin, I was reviewing some new head injury protocols with the mother of one of my (at the time 16 year old) son's soccer team mates. We went down the list of signs of a head injury, looked at each other and I observed that this was a list of behaviours for a normal (16) year old, so how does a head injured one differ?

She didn't know either....

Symptoms such as:

distraction, not knowing where he is, time or date, unable to concentrate, use of inappropriate language, random outbursts of emotion....

"Normal" and "teenage boy" seem to be contradictions in terms. (VBG)

The worst part, Norm, was that he had his first seizure alone in the car with me on a 3-hour trip to my parent's house - we were miles from anything. I had never seen a seizure before, and had no reason to suspect epilepsy, and I truly believed that my young son was going to die in my arms. After a moment, however, of twitching, jerking, and bizarre facial expressions, the glaze faded from his eyes, the twitching stopped, and though groggy, he was back to normal.

But as I said earlier, he wasn't quite midway through his teen years when all symptoms stopped - he's had no problems since. But thanks for your concern.

Jack the ripper was left handed.

Here goes: left-handedness indicates right-brain dominance. The right hemisphere is associated with creativity. The left hemisphere controls the right side of your body and the right hemisphere controls the left side of the body. The left hemisphere is associated with logic and language.

This whole theory was popularized by a book written for the general populace a couple of decades ago. As far as I know, the whole idea of right-brained vs. left-brained could be a popular misunderstanding.

So, Kairan, how does one explain that I am right-handed, paint, write, design and do graphic art, while being trilingual and irritating everyone with my Spock-like logic? And no, I'm not ambidextrous.

Of all of the theories I've heard, the one that comes closest to making sense is that of PopEye, who says, "I yam what I yam, and that's what I yam."

It's not a theory I put much stock in. Pop psychology to sell books, imho.

My son, a Lefty, maintains that in the beginning, everyone was afflicted with right-handedness, but that some lucky ones recovered.

I am not so much ambidextrous as ambiclumsy.


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