Been looking for a home, tried one forum but for some reason my settings/cookies or something would not let me stay logged in long enough to post. :-(  Hopefully I can find a home here?  I signed up ages ago but never did step any further in till now. 

I think I'm being called a FOOL on facebook in the most passive aggressive way. Recently on Facebook a relative of mine questioned a few pages I 'liked' and said, "I'm beginning to wonder about you" and I said,
"yeah I'm not like the rest of the family".  I come from a extreme fundy family
where almost all the men are preachers in the CoC or Baptist.  She ended up deleted the post before anyone could see it. ha! 

Since the bullying/death incidents of young gay teens I've upped my posting in favor of treating all gays equal etc... I've also posted a few political things that are left leaning or just plain far left!

This same relative that questioned me posted this just
now and it cracks me up!

Ecclesiastes 10:1-31 As dead flies give perfume a bad smell, so a little folly outweighs wisdom and honor. 2 The heart of the
wise inclines to the right, but the heart of the fool to the left. 3 Even as
he walks along the road, the fool lacks sense and shows everyone how stupid he

I'm pretty sure that message is for me (could be mind reading) but it makes me howl with laughter!  I want to find some good come backs for that BUT I shouldn't feed the fundies. So I thought I'd bring this here and get it out of my system instead of causing a family feud. Ha!

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Ah, NICE!!! Thanks! ;-) I knew there had to be something like that in the pages of my dusty old bible. ha!
Good one, mate. Was going to quote the same from the sermon on the Mount (this is actually it), but ya beat me to it.
If she believes the left [hand] is of the devil, what other really crazy things does she believe from the bible?

Bats are birds, insects have four legs and so do some birds, pi equals 3, the moon is a light source, the windows of heaven open when it rains, the earth rests upon pillars, etc, etc...
So I posted that verse and my daughter who's 20 and is a free thinker too was surprised I quoted the Bible said "You read the Bible"?
I said, "Yes ma'am I do and I find it totally interesting that as one verse quoted calls you a fool yet another verse quoted says you will go to HELL for calling someone a fool. Quite interesting huh?"

THEN some old friend from church (I've not been in 10-12 years, and I've been a full blown atheist for about 3 yrs now) posted "God bless you for reading the Bible. I'm so glad to hear you still do".

So being in the mood to get myself in trouble I posted,
"I take nothing in the bible literally, I read it as a work of mythology and allegories. I read the bible to study the contradictions and atrocities through out. To be completely honest I posted that verse in response to something that's been going around Facebook recently slamming people of the political left.

And if you study about the left and right terms in the bible you will find the left always in bad light. To be left handed in those times was looked down upon like being Gay in today's world. Doing a word study on 'left handed' is quite interesting."

So I imagine an intervention from my friends and family are in my near future. :-O LOL!


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