Michael Behe, the Biochemist who says that the eye is irreducibly complex. The guy who works for the Discovery Institute and dupes people into thinking he's a serious scientist and not a lobbyist for religion, has a son who just posted an IAMA on Reddit stating that he's an Atheist.

IAMA is "I am a", and people write stories about themselves that makes them different from the norm. Sometimes it's celebs. Sometimes it's a story about being homeless and finding success. It could be anything. Then the audience as it were gets to ask questions. 

The short is that he has rejected Catholicism, his parents aren't speaking with him and he isn't allowed to speak to his little brothers. I suppose they know the fertility of the Garden of Doubt. Scared Dr. Behe? What does it say about the unconditional love of a parent when you can't love your child? Not even the classic (but unsupportable) view that Jesus will always be there for you comes through. 

I just love it when famous religionists have children who are non-believers. Fred Phelps for example. You have spouted so much bullshit that even your family calls shenanigans. Who are some other famous religionists whose child said, "Um... Mom/Dad, we need to talk."?  

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Karma? No, just reason! And a little bit of justice which makes me feel better about my fellow man.
Sweet. I'm happy to hear this.
Well, I just wrote it, but the term seems to exist in Google so possibly I've heard it before. I liked it when it rolled out of the keyboard too.
It is rather prosaic!
There in lies a problem for Reddit. Every once in a while it get's burned. I suppose eventually Behe will get word of it and it if weren't his son he'd release a statement saying so. It would be the second time I've been caught buying a story that wasn't true and posting it on TA.
Oh, the Irony. It's like those Republican Politicians having Liberal Wife and Kids! (John McCain, George W.)
Of course, they're probably chalking it down to "rebellion".

Gotta love that.
possibly, although given the status of behe among creationists, they're probably way too upset to think "ah, he'll grow out of it soon enough"
LOL He might feel like Jesus hating even his own family.


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